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            Jerash Amman
Petra Wadi Rum
Our Extra Care
+ We have private docking facilities on the Nile away from other ships and their crowds of passengers
+ All high-touch vehicle surfaces sanitized at least 4 times per day + Proper physical distancing while
touring – with two seats to yourself on our large luxury coaches and Whisper Headsets for all guests
+ Dine at small, properly distanced tables, avoiding crowded large- capacity restaurants
+ Guides and staff wear face masks + Complimentary face masks and
sanitizer always available
the lovely Temple of Philae   and see the remarkable Unfinished Obelisk – still attached to bedrock. meals b+l+d
DAY 8 | The Temples of Abu Simbel
Fly to Abu Simbel   and tour the Temple of
Ramses II, among the most impressive sites of antiquity. Just as remarkable is the story of how they were moved 200 feet above their original site to protect them from the rising waters of the Aswan Dam. Fly to Cairo and check in to the stylish Waldorf Astoria, ideally located close to the airport. meals b
DAY 9 | A fond farewell to Cairo
Our private car and driver will take you to the airport this morning. meals b
Add the Lost City of Petra
Fully guided by our expert Jordanian Trip Leader, this immersive 5-day journey from Amman along the King’s Highway reveals Jordan’s enthralling desert landscapes, its enduring traditions and remarkable sites of antiquity including Jerash, Madaba and the legendary Lost City of Petra.
5 days from $1,999.
Cairo 4
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              Esna Luxor
Edfu     Kom Ombo
Small Group of Never More than 16 Guests
      4 Aswan Lake
              Abu Simbel
      3 internal flights included.
DAY 1 | Welcome to Cairo
On arrival, you’ll be met by our Cairo-based
team and escorted to the 5-star Kempinski Nile Hotel where Nile-view rooms have been reserved for our guests.
DAY 2 | Join our Expert Egyptologist Behold the Great Pyramids   , gaze upon the Sphinx, and see the 4,600-year-old Solar Boat of King Cheops. Then travel to Memphis   , Egypt’s ancient capital, to see the colossus of Ramses II and Alabaster Sphinx. In Sakkara, you’ll be amazed by the Step Pyramid of King Zoser. Then tour the 4,000-year-0ld Tomb of Mehu, recently opened to visitors for the first time in 80 years! Lunch will be at the landmark Mena House. meals b+l
DAY 3 | Cairo and the Egyptian Museum Ascend to the Citadel for sweeping views and explore Old Cairo   , with time to browse in the bazaar. Our late-day visit to the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities is timed to avoid the crowds for a more relaxing and enriching tour; it’s the perfect introduction to the amazing sites you’ll explore along the Nile. meals b+l
Privately Guided
   DAY 4 | Board the Oberoi Philae
Step aboard the luxury Oberoi Philae, docked
at our private Nile pier in Luxor. After lunch, join our expert Egyptologist to explore the amazing temples of Karnak   and Luxor
– connected to one another by the recently restored Avenue of Sphinxes. meals b+l+d
DAY 5 | Valley of the Kings and Queens Discover the tombs of Tutankhamen and Ramses VI in the Valley of Kings   and see the Colossi of Memnon. You also visit the ancient village of Deir el-Medina, once home to the thousands of laborers who constructed these tombs and temples meals b+l+d
DAY 6 | Edfuand ontoKomOmbo
Step ashore in Edfu to visit the spectacular Temple of Haroeris, rich in design, intricate in detail and ingenious in its construction. After lunch and afternoon tea onboard, step ashore to explore the unusual Temple of Kom Ombo, dedicated to both Horus and Sobek, the Crocodile God. meals b+l+d
DAY 7 | Aswan High Dam
Discover a marvel of the modern era, the
Aswan High Dam spanning more than two miles and towering 300 feet! Then visit
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Abu Simbel
 Nile R.

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