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Don't Miss Barranco: Lima's Montmartre

Barranco, a small barrio just south of the center of Peru's bustling capital city, is one of Lima's most overlooked attractions: a delightful seaside neighborhood filled with art galleries, small restaurants, and bars.   Barranco is the ideal evening destination to enjoy good music, window shopping, a stroll by the sea, and the best way to immerse yourself in Peru's vibrant bohemian art scene and enjoy simple but delicious Peruvian fare.   

Founded by Spanish settlers in 1874, Barranco's proximity to the sea quickly attracted Lima's most affluent citizens, and the neighborhood soon became a popular summer resort with wealthy Limeños vying with one another to erect beautiful Colonial and Republican houses.  These were badly damaged in the War of the Pacific, but much of Barranco’s original architectural charm remains to this day, including beautiful art nouveau facades.

Barranco's next inhabitants were Peru's cultural elite: artists, writers, and poets who set the bohemian tone that prevails today.   

Plan to get to Barranco a few hours before sunset to enjoy some of the barrio's museums, including the quirky Museum of Electricity and the delectable Museum of Chocolate, where you can enjoy a two-hour workshop on how Peruvian cocoa beans turn into chocolate bars.  Some of Peru's finest artwork is displayed at the Museo Pedro de Osma, and photography is superbly represented at MATE Asociaón Mario Testino with its permanent collection of the work of Peru's favorite son, Mario Testino, who has photographed supermodels, celebrities, and royalty, including famously, the Princess of Wales and the Duchess of Cambridge.  

Barranco's visual arts are delightfully complimented by the vibrant music played in the bars and Peñas, which are the best place to hear Peruvian folklore music, especially Afro Peruvian and Crillo gigs. 

Barranco's most picturesque landmark without a doubt is Peru's own Bridge of Sighs or the Puente de los Suspiros, which was opened on the romantic date of February 14, 1876.  Local legend says that any first-time visitor to the bridge who makes a wish, holds his breath, and walks the length of the bridge, will have his wish granted.  

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Posted: 2/9/2016 12:59:51 PM by Alexander + Roberts