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Five Ways to Enjoy New Zealand's Milford Sound

Rudyard Kipling called Milford Sound, the breathtaking fjord at the confluence of the Tasman Sea and the South Pacific, the "eighth wonder of the world."  This unique region's beauty is a combination of stunning alpine peaks, deep lakes, colossal waterfalls, verdant forest land, and abundant wildlife, including seals, see keas (parrots), Fjord penguins, and other sea birds. 

There are numerous ways to enjoy various aspects of Milford Sound's beauty.

1. Day Cruise on the Sound: Explore the inlets of Milford Sound's ecological sanctuary, guided by certified naturalist to help you learn more about the region's geological history and its diverse wildlife.  You may encounter seals sunning themselves on the rocks or dolphins frolicking in the waters. 

2. Kayak through the Sound: Kayaking is one of the most popular ways to explore Milford Sound.  Combine an excellent cardio workout with unrivalled sightseeing as you ply the waters of the sound in single, double, or family kayaks with the help of experienced instructors, who are on hand to introduce novices to the basics of the sport and provide safety supervision. 

3. Head under the Sea: Milford Sound's Underwater Observatory at Harrison Cove is a special way to explore the sound's aquatic flora and fauna from a unique vantage point.  The Observatory is designed to be an underwater safari experience: unlike an aquarium, the Observatory contains the people, not the sea creatures; fish and other creatures move about freely in their native environment.  Extra-large windows, calibrated to provide exceptional optical clarity, afford fantastic views of the life underwater and a chance to see Milford Sound's rare black coral.

4. By Air: Small planes and helicopter tours are a great way to get a bird's eye view of Milford Sound's spectacular scenery.  Flying over the lakes, icefalls, glaciers, and waterfalls is a photographer's dream.

5. Overnight Cruise on the Sound: A leisurely and elegant exploration of Milford Sound awaits on an delightful overnight cruise through the pristine waters of the sound, combined with a relaxed dinner. 

Alexander+Roberts offers its Spectacular New Zealand itinerary that includes an overnight cruise of stunning Milford Sound.

Posted: 2/11/2016 9:44:29 AM by Alexander + Roberts