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“Guilin's scenery is best among all under heaven,” the Chinese say, and this is particularly true to the landscape of Guilin's famous karst caves, including the legendary Silver Cave which is thought to be... Read More >>

Posted: 3/29/2016 2:57:48 PM by Alexander + Roberts
High in the Andes, Lake Titicaca’s pristine glacier-fed waters shimmer and sparkle with age-old secrets. Even before the powerful Inca civilization came into being, Peru’s earliest inhabitants believed that... Read More >>

Posted: 3/24/2016 2:29:32 PM by Alexander + Roberts
Serious foodies have long appreciated the unique flavors and textures of what the Vietnamese call their “la nouvelle cuisine of Asia.” As Vietnam roars to the top of the list of popular destination for travelers, its signature dishes are... Read More >>

Posted: 3/17/2016 12:20:00 PM by Alexander + Roberts
Strict oenophiles relegate Chilean wine to the "New World" category of wines. While geographically accurate, the 500-year history of Chilean viticulture argues that there is nothing new about the country’s wine-making... Read More >>

Posted: 3/15/2016 3:20:29 PM by Alexander + Roberts
Searching for a destination that has something for everyone? We get it: we used to worry about that too until we discovered Quito, the exquisite capital of Ecuador and our search was over. This dynamic and beautiful city... Read More >>

Posted: 3/10/2016 2:58:57 PM by Alexander + Roberts
It takes just seconds in the magnificent walled city before you understand why Lord Byron called Dubrovnik "the Pearl of the Adriatic." Jutting out to a sparkling blue sea, Dubrovnik’s skyline is rich with elegant... Read More >>

Posted: 3/8/2016 1:59:18 PM by Alexander + Roberts
Since Buddhism arrived in Laos in the 14th century, the monks of the country’s old political and enduring spiritual capital of Luang Prabang have performed the daily Tak Bat ceremony. At 5:00 AM, the drums of the city’s many religious houses... Read More >>

Posted: 3/3/2016 2:41:53 PM by Alexander + Roberts
2016 looks set to be a banner year for both shipping magnates and engineering geeks, as the world-famous Panama Canal rolls out its ten-year Canal Expansion project...

Posted: 3/1/2016 3:53:23 PM by Alexander + Roberts