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What’s Cooking in Cuzco’s San Pedro Market?

You smell it before you see it: that unmistakable, mouthwatering smell of sizzling anticuchos, Peru’s famous offal kebabs, sizzling on outdoor braziers, lomo saltado, stir fried beef and polla a la brasa, tender roast chicken marinated in soy sauce and Peruvian peppers.  Mingled with these smells are those of empanadas with every imaginable kind of filling and salchipapas, Peru’s ubiquitous fried sausages and potatoes.  And then the eyes and ears take over as you are plunged into a riot of color and sound.  This is Cuzco’s famous San Pedro market, known to the locals merely as “the central market.”
San Pedro Market has been a Cuzco institution since the eighteenth century, and today consists of hundreds of small stalls under a large corrugated iron roof, where insistent vendors vie for your attention and custom.  In addition to the traditional Peruvian food staples such as fish, meat, fruit, potatoes, and alpaca wool products, the vendors at San Pedro have kept pace with the emergence of Peruvian cuisine on the international culinary scene.  Fresh juice bars - the sector de juguerias - line the market, as do small stalls selling local delicacies such as buttifaras, delectable ham sandwiches, and Peru’s famous soft and creamy Andean cheese, and chicha, a strong fermented beverage made from maize is sold by the glassful from buckets.
San Pedro is a must for foodies and photographers.  Revel in the vibrant colors of fresh strawberries; mangos, foraged herbs, and the multi-colored dried corncobs, as well as the smiling faces of the vendors of freshly baked bread and pasties.  Be aware that San Pedro also does a brisk trade in some odd meats, including horse heads and hooves, as well as many stalls proudly selling cuy, the infamous Peruvian snack of a whole fried guinea pig.

San Pedro Market is open daily from 9:00 - 6:00 pm and is best visited in the morning.

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Posted: 11/15/2017 2:59:36 PM by Alexander + Roberts