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yLand of the Maharajahs Private 2020

+ Few know to go, but we take you across the river to a Mughal garden for a magical sunset view of the Taj Mahal. Return early the next day for an equally enchanting sunrise visit!
+ Witness two powerful rituals... Sunrise on the Ganges as thousands of devotees descend to the river and the candle-lit Aarti ceremony.
+ Morning and afternoon safari drives in our special 6-passenger jeeps take you farther afield and even off-road through Ranthambore for a better chance to spot the Bengal Tiger.
+ Congenial conversation highlights your dinner with a Jaipur family in their lovely home.

Visit 6 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

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Date RangeFrom
05 October 2023 - 20 December 2023$10,799
Our Luxury Hotels and Resorts$10,799
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21 December 2023 - 31 December 2023$13,999
Our Luxury Hotels and Resorts$13,999
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If you prefer, we can confirm one of our experienced female guides for women traveling on our private journeys. Prices are per person, land only. We offer air on Emirates. Add extra nights.

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