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Easter Island – 4 Days at Explora

4 days

4 Day Private Tour

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On arrival, you’ll be warmly greeted and escorted to the exceptional Explora Rapa Nui. Settle in to your spacious and stylish room with its expansive views of the island’s mesmerizing landscapes. Then join your fellow lodge guests for an elegant meal accompanied by fine Chilean wines. Meals D


Tailor this day to your personal style and interests with the included excursions of your choice; they’re expertly guided and designed to immerse you and your fellow Explora guests in the windswept beauty of Rapa Nui, its people, and the enigmatic moai – the enormous stone figures scattered across the island. Explora offers more than 30 excursions; here is just a sampling of some you might enjoy:
Walk to Akahanga: Starting from the Lodge, this gentle 3.5-mile walk brings you to the coast, descending through prairie and farmland as your guide offers insight into the island’s ancient history and present day life. The hike finishes at Akahanga, a significant moai site with 4 fallen statues.
Hiking Ara Moai: This half-day excursion includes a 3.5-mile guide hike to Rano Raraku, the ancient volcanic quarry where the most of the island’s moai were carved long ago. The Ara Moai Trail that leads up to Rano Raraku offers captivating island vistas punctuated by the remains of nearly 400 moai – some finished, but many left here in a half-completed state.
Terevaka Volcano Hike: This moderate half-day hike covers 5 miles with a total ascent of about 1,350 feet. As you make your way to the island’s highest point, you’ll pass a number of archaeological sites. From the volcano’s summit, you’ll have breathtaking 360º views. The descending trail brings you to Ahu Akivi, a moai site with 7 statues facing towards the sea.
Back at the Lodge, you’ll enjoy freshly prepared gourmet meals accompanied by fine Chilean wines and house spirits.  Meals B+L+D


Another Day of Included Excursions

Explora Rapa Nui - Easter Island, Chile

You’ll have a second full day to join the guided excursions of your choice. Our Lodge’s attentive staff are happy to help you select the ones that are right for your personal interests and taste for adventure. In addition to the ones noted above, here a few more of the 30+ excursions and activities available at Explora:

Hanga Excursion: Combining overland travel in our van along with some gentle hiking, this half-day excursion plumbs the island’s culture beyond the moai. You’ll see ancient petroglyphs, the beach where it is believed the first Polynesians arrived, and a mysterious magnetic stone associated with Rapa Nui’s earliest settlers.

Anakena Cycling: This half-day bicycling adventure takes you from the Lodge to Ahu Tongariki, the famed moai site with 15 intact statues. Continue along the picturesque coastline, visiting several more archaeological sites on your way to Anakena, a pristine beach with two moai sites. You’ll have time to swim and relax a bit before returning by van.

Rapa Nui Sanctuaries: This gentle excursion combines overland travel in our comfortable van with some walking tours. In the course of this half-day tour, you’ll visit Ahu Akivi with its 7 moai facing the sea and Hanga Kioe Sanctuary, a picturesque coastal site home to one of the island’s “newest” moai, carved sometime in the 17th century.

Back at Explora, you’ll enjoy fine dining with house wines and spirits.  Meals B+L+D


Depart Easter Island

After breakfast, we’ll take you to the airport for your onward flight. Or ask us about extending your stay at Explora Rapa Nui with extra nights – including meals and excursions.  Meals B