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zMachu Picchu to Lake Titicaca

9 days

A Journey with Peru’s Finest Lodges

Our Distinctive A+R Style

  • In harmony with nature, our luxury lodges in the Sacred Valley and at Lake Titicaca surround you with the beauty and wonder of their settings.
  • Tailor your exploration with a choice of included, expertly-guided excursions from our two lodges; they’re designed to immerse you more deeply in the history and culture of the Andes.
  • Discover Machu Picchu with our expert guide... Then return the next morning to experience the Lost City as day is breaking over the mountains.
  • Peel back the layers of Inca and Colonial history in the ancient and lively town of Cuzco.
  • With 4 nights deluxe hotel + 4 nights at our all-inclusive luxury lodges; 19 meals; extensive sightseeing + choice of excursions at our Sacred Valley + Titicaca lodges; all transfers; all 3 internal flights; and all gratuities included except for your guides
c Visit 2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites 

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On arrival, you’ll be warmly greeted and escorted to the Wyndham Costa del Sol, conveniently located close to the airport.

After breakfast, you’ll be escorted to the airport for your included flight into the Andes. On arrival in Cuzco, we’ll take you into the Sacred Valley where you’ll check in to our luxury lodge, the exceptional Explora Valle Sagrado. Designed and sustainably built to harmonize with its sublime setting, this is one of the finest eco-resorts in all of South America. Throughout your stay, you’ll enjoy elegant dining, complimentary house wines and cocktails, and a variety of included excursions led by the finest guides and naturalists.
Settle in to your spacious guestroom with its glorious views of the surrounding fields and mountains, and then join the afternoon tour of your choice. Arranged and offered by the onsite experts at the Explora Lodge, this afternoon’s tour choices may include the following:
The Terraces of Moray: Covering a total distance of about 2 miles, this half-day hike takes you through highland farms to visit ancient terraces which scholars believe were used by the Inca as a laboratory to study the effect of wind, sun and elevation on their crops.
Ollantaytambo: This guided 3-hour walking tour takes you to an ancient community that offers a living illustration of Inca urban planning; laid out in a simple grid with cobblestone streets, perfectly constructed stone walls and canals, many of the buildings and residences you’ll see date back 600 years or more. High above the town, you’ll also explore the storied Inca fortress of the same name.
Salineras: Covering about 4 miles, this moderate 3-hour hike begins in the Colonial town of Maras and continues through the surrounding agricultural fields to visit the community’s remarkable salt mines; worked for generations, these amazing terraced pools cascade down the mountainside and across the valley, offering a look into a timeless way of life that still endures in this remote region.
Biking the Urubamba River: Exploring along the southern banks of the picturesque Urubamba River, this 3-hour, 20-mile guided cycling adventure reveals a captivating land of terraced fields, ancient villages and Colonial-era haciendas.
Back at the Explora Lodge, sit down to an elegant evening meal accompanied by complimentary house wines.  Meals B+L+D


Tailor Your Exploration in the Sacred Valley

Explora Valle Sagrado - Sacred Valley, Peru

Personalize this day to your own interests and taste for adventure with the included full-day excursion of your choice. Designed to reveal Inca sites, Andean culture and the breathtaking beauty of the Sacred Valley, these tours are limited to no more than 8 Lodge guests - and include exploring by mountain bike, hiking over varied terrain, or traveling in a comfortable minivan. Here are just some of the guided full-day excursions that are offered by our luxury Lodge:
Pisac: Covering nearly 4 miles with a total descent of 3,300 feet, this 6-hour hike uses a little-known mountain trail that brings you to a rarely used back entrance to Pisac, for a unique and breathtaking view of its ancient Inca ruins.
Valle de Papa: This full-day guided excursion by minivan explores some of the most fertile and scenic areas of the Sacred Valley – from its rugged Andean landscapes to a lovely high-mountain lagoon. You’ll also spend time in a remote Quechua community known for the skill of its weavers and visit the Inca ruins at Pisac.
Pirka: Traveling comfortably by minivan, you’ll explore the ancient Inca city of Ollantaytambo and see the terraces of Moray, which scholars believe were used by the Inca as an agricultural testing station. Then visit the Colonial town of Mara before continuing to Chinchero along a rural road that offers a chance to witness authentic scenes of life in the Andes. This is a full day 10.5-hour tour.
Inca Tracks: Combining a 2.5-mile morning hike with a 12.5-mile afternoon cycling tour, this fully guided adventure is a wonderful way to experience the unforgettable beauty of the Sacred Valley. Along the way, you’ll discover ancient agricultural fields, timeless Quechua communities and the grasslands of the Andean pampas where shepherds tend their animals as they have for generations.
Huaypo Views: This challenging 7-hour guided cycling adventure covers nearly 23 miles of ascending and descending terrain. Along the way, you’ll gain insight into the daily life of the region’s small villages and family farms. You’ll also visit the remarkable Inca terraces at Moray and the Colonial town of Maras with its ancient salt mines.
This evening, you’ll enjoy another freshly-prepared dinner accompanied by complimentary house wine, beer or spirits.  Meals B+L+D

After a sumptuous breakfast, you’ll be escorted to the station to board the Vistadome Train for the scenic rail journey through the Sacred Valley. On arrival in the charming town of Aguas Calientes, you’ll board a coach for the 20-minute ride up the switchback mountain road that brings you to the entrance to Machu Picchu c.
The fabled Lost City is certainly the single greatest landmark in Peru – and perhaps all of South America. Indeed, little can be written here that would do justice to the breathtaking grandeur of its mountain setting, the enigmatic power and aura that so permeate this ancient citadel, and the unforgettable experience of standing among these ancient stones. And accompanied by the illuminating expertise of your personal guide, your visit will bring to life the ancient Inca civilization that built Machu Picchu.

After sightseeing, you’ll return to Aguas Calientes for an overnight at the enchanting Inkaterra Pueblo Hotel, nestled in a riverside cloud forest below the Lost City.  Meals B+L+D


Morning at Machu Picchu + Rail to Cuzco

Inkaterra La Casona - Cuzco, Peru

This morning, you can stroll on your own through the inviting galleries and cafes of Aguas Calientes. Or if you prefer, we’ve included your transportation and entry ticket so you can ascend again to explore Machu Picchu at your own pace. At this early hour, the day-visitors from Cuzco and the Sacred Valley have yet to arrive… With fewer people and the softer light of morning just breaking over the mountain peaks, an early-morning visit to Machu Picchu is one of the most memorable travel experiences you will ever have.
Late this morning, you’ll make the return rail journey through the Sacred Valley. On arrival in Cuzco, you’ll be met and chauffeured escorted to the Inkaterra La Casona. Ideally located near the historic Plaza de las Nazarenas, our luxury hotel is set in a Colonial-era manor and is a distinguished member of Relais & Châteaux.  Meals B+L


Private Tour of Cuzco c

Inkaterra La Casona - Cuzco, Peru

After breakfast, join your private guide and ascend into the mountain peaks outside of town. Perched here above the terra cotta roofs of Cuzco are the magnificent ruins of Sacsayhuaman. Built in the 1400’s by the Inca Emperor Pachacútec, the massive limestone blocks of this venerated complex were cut with such precision that they fit together without mortar like the interlocking pieces of a jigsaw puzzle! With some individual stones towering more than 10 feet tall and weighing several hundreds of tons, Sacsayhuaman is a monumental achievement of architecture and masonry.
Back in town at the Temple of the Sun and Convent of Santo Domingo, you’ll discover one of Peru’s most architecturally fascinating sites. It also demonstrates the rich layering of history here in Cuzco, where a sacred structure of one culture, the Convent, literally sits atop and practically encloses another - the Inca’s Temple of the Sun! End your touring with the Cathedral and the other handsome Colonial-era landmarks that line the Plaza de Armas. Meals B


Fly to Lake Titicaca

Titilaka - Lake Titicaca, Peru

After breakfast, you’ll be chauffeured to the airport for your included flight to Juliaca where you’ll be met and escorted to Titilaka. This afternoon, settle in to your elegant lakeview guestroom here at our luxury lodge, set on a private peninsula surrounded by the sacred waters of Lake Titicaca. After an elegant dinner with wine, you can join a guided stargazing experience to learn about the constellations of the southern sky.  Meals B+L+D


Choose Your Titicaca Excursion

Titilaka - Lake Titicaca, Peru

Tailor this day to your personal interests and taste for adventure with the included excursion of your choice. Designed to reveal the enduring cultures and natural wonders of Lake Titicaca and its surrounding shores, these tours are limited to no more than 8 Lodge guest. Here are just some of the guided excursions that are offered by our luxury Lodge:
Islands of Lake Titicaca: This popular full-day excursion explores the amazing floating islands – made of Totora reeds and home to small but vibrant communities of the Uros people. You’ll also step ashore on Taquile Island, famed for its ancient agricultural terraces and friendly residents who still speak the language of the Inca.
The Aymara Route: This full-day excursion introduces you to the geography, communities and natural wonders that surround Titicaca’s sacred waters. Sweeping views, engaging with villagers and learning about native bird species highlight this guided tour.
Colla Route Hike: This half-day guided hike explores an original network of Incan roadways that wind their way through the rocky hills near our Lodge. Ascending to the top of the Hilarata Summit, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views of Lake Titicaca and the Altiplano region.
Colonial Temples: This guided 5-hour excursion explores the missionary history of the region during the Spanish conquest of Peru and Bolivia. Taking you to the towns of Puno, Pomata and Juli,, you’ll visit a number of churches distinguished by their impressive architecture including magnificent gilded altars.
Birdwatching: Accompanied by an experienced naturalist guide, this half-day tour takes you into the protected wetlands near our Lodge home to more than 100 species of migratory and resident birds, several of which are found only here on these shores of Titicaca.
Cycling the Shores of Titicaca: This guided adventure takes you along some of the country roads and paths of Platería, one of the region’s rural districts. It promises an intimate, gently paced experience of Titicaca’s natural beauty and the life of its residents.
Rafting through the Reeds: Follow your experienced guide as they lead you on a raft through the masses of Totora reeds that grow along the lakeshore close to our Lodge. It’s a fun and unique way to learn about Titicaca’s ecosystem and the many ways that these reeds are used by the local people.
Back at Titilaka, you’ll enjoy gastronomic meals prepared by the Lodge’s skilled kitchen team – under the direction of the renowned Peruvian chef Maria Fe Garcia. Using the freshest locally-sourced ingredients, your delicious meals will be enhanced by complimentary house wines and cocktails.  Meals B+L+D


Return to Lima

After breakfast, you’ll be escorted to the airport for your included flight to Lima where you can connect to your onward journey.  Meals B

Extend Your Trip


6 days from $2,999

From our luxury lodge on the shores of Titicaca, we’ll take you across the lake to explore La Paz, Colchani, the Uyuni Salt Flats and Tunupa Volcano. We include all on-tour transportation, terrific hotels and complete sightseeing

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Across Lake Titicaca to Bolivia

Ride the hydrofoil to Sun and Moon Islands to visit fabled sites like the Inca Staircase and Sacred Fountain. Reaching the Bolivian shores, continue overland to La Paz and check in to the Hotel Casa Grande. Meals L


Discover La Paz

Explore La Paz from the Colonial district to the amazing landscapes of the Valley of the Moon. At the Witches Market, you’ll get a fascinating look into the ancient practices and spiritual beliefs that still endure in Bolivia. Soapstone figurines, dried frogs used in centuries-old rituals, and a variety of herbs, aphrodisiacs and folk remedies are among the exotic items for sale.  Meals B+L


Fly to Uyuni + Colchani

Fly into southern Bolivia and discover the incredible Uyuni Salt Flat, the largest salt bed on Earth. Learn about the region’s enduring traditions in the small town of Colchani and check in to our comfortable hotel - made entirely of salt! Meals B+L+D


Tahua + Tunupa Volcano

Visit the evocative town of Tahua, with its old stone dwellings and the silhouette of Tunupa Volcano towering in the background. Enjoy a guided walk to mountain caves where you’ll discover the mysterious Coquesa mummies. Enjoy another night at our salt hotel. Meals B+L+D


Return Flight to La Paz

Back in La Paz, you’ll tour the Gold Museum with its collection of ancient precious-metal objects. At the gallery of Roberto Mamani Mamani, you’ll see and learn about the bold works of this famous Bolivian painter. Dine tonight at Gutus and enjoy another night at the Hotel Casa Grande. Meals B+D


Depart La Paz

We take you to the airport today. Meals B



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