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yThe Galapagos by Land + Highlands of Ecuador Private

Private Journey Discoveries for our World Travelers

Spend 2 nights on the grounds of a beautiful 17th-century hacienda.
Gain insight into daily life in the highlands as you spend time with farmers and weavers.
See how instruments like the pan-pipe are made and learn about their importance in Andean culture.
Visit a wildlife refuge to see the Andean condor.
Journey into the Santa Cruz highlands, home to the Galapagos tortoise.
Venture out by land and sea to explore the flora and fauna of two distinct Galapagos islands.
Free snorkeling gear affords exciting up-close encounters with unique marine species including sea turtles and rays.
Includes 1 UNESCO World Heritage Site c

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Prices are per person, land only. We offer air on LATAM. Add extra nights.


Save $600 per couple + $300 solo on all of our Small Group, Small Ship and Private Journeys when you book and pay-in-full within 7 days of booking and prior to the final payment date listed in our published terms and conditions.