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Expedition Cruise to Alaska - 13 Day Southbound Adventure

13 days

Expedition through the Inside Passage

Our Distinctive A+R Style + Luxury Small Ship

  • With a full fleet of 20 Zodiacs and dozens of sea kayaks, our exclusive voyage is enhanced by truly up-close exploration in untouched places visited only by the privileged few.
  • Explore Frederick Sound by Zodiac… With our state-of-the-art hydrophones, you might even listen in as humpback whales engage in their unique bubble-net feeding behavior, using columns of bubbles to herd and corral their prey!
  • With our extended itinerary, you’ll spend two days navigating the waters of the Fords Terror Wilderness - where the majesty of the Tracy and Endicott Arms rival the most spectacular of Norway’s fjords.
  • Discover the aptly named “Waterfall Coast” of Baranof Island, where countless cascades run the gamut from splashing veils of water to thundering falls that tumble down the mountainside.
  • Visit a longhouse to learn about the heritage of the Tsimshian, an indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest coast.
  • Venture deep into the remote Kynoch Inlet where old-growth Sitka spruce forests provide prime habitat for black bears, grizzlies, Sitka deer, wolves and bald eagles.
  • Every day of your cruise, on-board and on-excursion, is enriched by the expertise of our shipboard team including experienced expedition guides and guest marine biologists from California Polytechnic State University.
  • With a pre-cruise night at our deluxe hotel in Sitka; 11 nights in an outside stateroom aboard the brand new Ocean Victory; 33 meals with free-flowing wine at dinner; Open Bar; complete program of shore excursions including guided expeditions by Zodiac and kayak; shipboard talks; and airport transfers.

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Welcome to Sitka, Alaska

Aspen Suites Hotel - Sitka, Alaska

Upon arrival, you’ll be met and escorted to our deluxe hotel in the heart of this charming seaside community. Against a beautiful mountain backdrop, Sitka traces its “modern-day” history to 1799 when it was founded by Alexander Baranov, the first Governor of Russian America. Before then, the island was inhabited by Tlingit Indians. Take the rest of this day to relax and enjoy as you wish.


Enjoy Sitka + Embark our Luxury Small Ship

Ocean Victory - Alaska

After breakfast, our guests have the morning free to explore this inviting and historic town at their own pace. Just a 5-minute walk from our hotel, the 175-year-old St. Michael’s Orthodox Church is a National Historic Landmark regarded as a fine example of Russian Orthodox architecture. Also nearby, the Sheldon Jackson Museum offers insight into Alaska’s indigenous peoples including Aleut, Athabascan and other Northwest Coast cultures.
Later this afternoon, you’ll be escorted to the pier to board our state-of-the-art ship. Settle in to your outside stateroom as our voyage gets underway. This evening, you’ll sit down to an elegant 5-course meal with free-flowing wine and complimentary cocktails.  Meals B+D


Tlingit People of Kupreanof Island + Frederick Sound

Ocean Victory - Alaska

On the northwest coast of Kupreanof Island, the remote village of Kake lies deep inside the Tongass National Forest, the largest in the United States. With most of the homes clustered along the shore between the water and the dense forests, Kake is home to about 500 residents of Tlingit heritage, most of whom continue to live off the land through hunting, fishing and gathering vegetation. Standing guard over the village is a 132-foot totem pole; carved from a single tree, it is regarded as one of the tallest in the world. Spending time here in Kake this morning, you’ll be immersed in the traditions of the Tlingit and a way of life that has changed little over the generations.
Later today, you’ll join our team of experienced naturalists to explore Frederick Sound by Zodiac. Surrounded by the majestic, snow-capped peaks of the Coast Range which soars to nearly 10,000 feet, these glacier-fed waters are rich will krill and herring – making this one of the premier places on the planet to observe humpback whales. Orcas, Steller sea lions, Dall porpoises, harbor seals and numerous seabirds also thrive in Frederick Sound. With state-of-the-art hydrophones, you might even have a chance to listen in on humpbacks as they engage in bubble-net feeding. Using vertical columns of bubbles to herd and corral their prey, this unusual form of ocean-feeding has been observed only among humpback whales and promises a fascinating topic to explore further with our expert marine biologists from California Polytechnic State University.  Meals B+L+D


Tracy Arm + Fords Terror Wilderness

Ocean Victory - Alaska

Encompassing more than 653,000 acres set aside by Congress in 1980, this spectacular wilderness area is home to two of Alaska’s most spectacular fjords. World travelers claim that both Tracy Arm and Endicott Arm can easily rival any of Norway’s best-known fjords. Nature and local conditions will determine our exact route, but over the next two days, our vessel will navigate deep into these pristine waters.
In the 20-mile inlet of Tracy Arm, you’ll behold high-alpine glaciers, sheer rock walls that reach over a mile high and waterfalls that cascade down into cold waters that range from emerald green to steely blue. At the head of the fjord, an active tidewater glacier calves the numerous icebergs that we’ll encounter throughout the day. And always, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for whales, bears, mountain goats, harbor seals and a remarkable variety of birds including eagles, arctic terns, kittiwakes and pigeon guillemots. Making our voyage unique from other cruises, our ship is ideally equipped to anchor here in a secluded cove of the Captain’s choice.  Meals B+L+D


Thrill to a second day of cruising in the Fords Terror Wilderness. As conditions permit, today will likely find the Ocean Victory exploring where the larger cruise ships don’t venture. With rugged mountain terrain, deep valleys and towering waterfalls, the Endicott Arm is heralded for its pristine, breathtaking beauty. The icy waters are strewn with icebergs and the untouched shores provide prime habitat for bears, deer, mountain goats, eagles and harbor seals. At the end of the fjord, Dawes Glacier promises a spectacular sight!
You can take it all in from the comfort of our luxury ship, or venture out with our expert marine biologists and expedition guides to explore by Zodiac or kayak. Whatever mode fits your style, your day will be enhanced by our team’s extensive knowledge of Alaska’s glacial geology, ecosystems and wildlife.  Meals B+L+D


Petersburg + The LeConte Glacier

Ocean Victory - Alaska

Today our ship will dock in Petersburg, right alongside a fleet of working fishing boats that ply the abundant offshore waters. The harbor here is protected and fairly shallow, making it inaccessible to larger cruise ships. Going ashore, you’ll discover weathered boathouses and tidy homes – some painted with flowery Rosemåling designs that bear witness to the town’s founding in 1897 by Norwegian families. With its main street built on pilings at water’s edge and the century-old Sons of Norway Hall as a focal point, the overall impression is one of timeless, picturesque charm! Your tour of Petersburg includes a dance performance at the Sons of Norway Hall followed by a tasting of traditional Norwegian pastries. And without the crowds of tourists that descend upon other, better-known ports, your time in Petersburg is sure to be a highlight of the voyage.
Later today, our captain will navigate into a 12-mile long fjord at the head of LeConte Bay where 4,000-foot peaks tower over the scenery. Our destination is the spectacular LeConte Glacier. The Tlingit people who first settled here long ago called these waters Xeitl Geeyi – which translates to “Thunder Bay.” Indeed, the echoing crashes of icebergs calving from the highly active LeConte Glacier reverberate through the valley and must have inspired stories of a powerful thunderbird perched in the ice field above. Today, the bay is filled with icebergs that have been sculpted by the warm summer air and the lapping of the waves. Back onboard the Ocean Victory, you’ll enjoy another elegant 5-course meal accompanied by free-flowing wine and cocktails.  Meals B+L+D
Enhance this day with a Premium Excursion to the LeConte Glacier by Jetboat or Sport Fishing along the Inside Passage. Capacity on these tours is limited, so we encourage you to add your excursion when you book your cruise. Click Here for details on all our available excursions for this 14-day voyage.


Discover the Waterfall Coast

Ocean Victory - Alaska

With narrow straits and shallow entrances to secluded bays, the remote east coast of Baranof Island is inaccessible to larger commercial ships. With skillful navigation, our Captain and crew will guide the Ocean Victory through this untouched wilderness – aptly named for the many waterfalls that plunge into the sea from the island’s high mountain peaks. Ranging from splashing veils of water to thundering cascades, the splendor of the Waterfall Coast is truly remarkable. As this unforgettable day unfolds, you can choose your vantage point: From any of our ship’s indoor and outdoor viewing areas to exciting up-close exploration by Zodiac or kayak. Whichever you choose, our marine biologists and experienced guides are there to enhance and enrich your exploration – helping to keep an eye out for the resident wildlife.  Meals B+L+D


Wrangell + Stikine River

Ocean Victory - Alaska

Strategically situated on the north end of Wrangell Island near the mouth of the Stikine River, the small but lively town of Wrangell is one of the oldest in Alaska. Now home to just over 2,000 residents, Wrangell Island was first inhabited by the Tlingit who settled in the region thousands of years ago in hunter-gatherer communities. The town you’ll see today traces its modern-day history to the arrival of Russian traders in the mid 1800’s and saw rapid growth with the Stikine River Gold Rushes that lasted for the latter half of the century. Gong ashore this morning with a native Alaskan guide, you’ll visit the newly restored Tribal House and delve into the island’s multi-cultural history at the Wrangell Museum. Just north of town at Petroglyph Beach State Park, you’ll discover nearly 50 rock carvings that are believed to be at least 1,000 years old. The adventurous can choose from a variety of available excursions from jet-boating to charter-boat fishing.
Later after the captain skillfully has skillfully navigated the waters of the Stikine River Delta, our team of Cal Poly marine biologists and expedition guides will lead your search for bears, Sitka deer, salmon runs and a variety of migratory birds.  Meals B+L+D
Enhance this day with one of our Premium Excursions: Glacier Discovery by Jetboat, Wild Bears of Anan, Fishing the Inside Passage or a Jetboat Adventure on the Stikine River. Capacity on these tours is limited, so we encourage you to add your excursion when you book your cruise. Click Here for details on all our available excursions for this 14-day voyage.


Misty Fjords National Monument

Ocean Victory - Alaska

Encompassing vast tracts of land and sea, the incomparable Misty Fjords National Monument is a kaleidoscope of granite sea cliffs, deep fjords, protected coves, rocky islets and forested bays. Dall porpoises, humpbacks, orca whales and sea lions feed in its pristine waters and the shores are home to abundant wildlife including mountain goats, brown bears, black bears, moose, wolves and wolverines. The National Monument is also a paradise for birdwatchers with hundreds of species of sea and shorebirds. With our full fleet of 20 Zodiacs and expert team of marine biologists from California Polytechnic State University, you’ll spend an unforgettable day exploring this untouched wilderness.  Meals B+L+D


Ashore in Ketchikan and Metlakatla, Alaska

Ocean Victory - Alaska

This morning’s guided excursion explores the charming and colorful port of Ketchikan, starting with Creek Street – a boardwalk perched on pilings along the banks of Ketchikan Creek. Once home to the town’s Red Light District, its historic buildings are now small museums, locally owned stores and galleries. In the summer months, salmon, seals and otters can be seen in the rushing waters of the creek. Then delve into the history and traditions of the region’s indigenous communities at Saxman Village. At the Totem Heritage Center, you’ll discover the largest collection of authentic and unrestored 19th-century totem poles along with informative displays of baskets, masks and vintage photographs.
This afternoon, the Ocean Victory will call on Annette Island where we’ll go ashore in Metlakatla, a small native community sitting amidst a lush temperate rainforest. By special arrangement, you’ll visit a traditional longhouse to learn about the heritage of the Tsimshian, an indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest coast. After a welcoming dance, you’ll have a chance to explore a variety of art and artifacts including the Four Clan mural that covers the front of the longhouse, traditional canoes and intricate cedar bark baskets. Back onboard, you’ll sit down to another elegant dinner enhanced by free-flowing wine and our Open Bar.  Meals B+L+D
Enhance this day with an all-you-can-eat Dungeness Crab Brunch at the historic George Inlet Lodge. Capacity is limited, so we encourage you to add this excursion when you book your cruise. Click Here for details on all our available excursions for this 14-day voyage.


Exploring the Fiordland Conservancy, British Colombia

Ocean Victory - Alaska

Rich with marine life and breathtaking scenery, the Fiordland Conservancy is a realm of enchanting inlets, bays, islands and fjords. Waterfalls and glaciers punctuate the coastline and the mountains are cloaked with old-growth Sitka spruce and coastal western hemlock forests – prime habitat for black bears, grizzlies, Sitka deer, wolves and bald eagles. This pristine marine conservancy is also ideal for up-close exploration and our fleet of 20 Zodiacs and dozens of kayaks afford intimate exploration with our experienced expedition guides. Venturing into the remote and secluded Kynoch Inlet, you’ll be mesmerized by the tumbling cascades of Kynoch Falls and towering granite cliffs that plunge into the dark, seemingly bottomless waters. Conditions permitting, we’ll also explore Culpepper Lagoon; situated at the head of Kynoch Inlet, this rarely visited spot offers an inspiring and transformative wilderness experience.  Meals B+L+D


Sailing the Storied Inside Passage

Ocean Victory - Alaska

Shaped by the staggering force of massive glaciers during the Ice Age, the Inside Passage stretches north from Vancouver Island to the wildly beautiful coastline of Southeast Alaska. With its shallow draft and low-impact design, our luxury ship seems purpose-built to explore the pristine waterways and channels of the Inside Passage. Whether you’re in the spacious Observation Lounge or out on our one-of-a-kind viewing platform, your discovery of these wildlife-filled fjords and lush island vistas promise intimate up-close experiences reserved only for the privileged few. And with our experienced, sharp-eyed expedition team on hand, this day of cruising offers a terrific chance to see whales, porpoises and sea lions. Throughout the day, there will also be enlightening talks with our guest marine biologists from California Polytechnic State University.
Tonight’s Farewell Dinner features another 5-course gastronomic experience accompanied by complimentary wine and cocktails.    Meals B+L+D


Disembark in Vancouver

After breakfast and disembarkation, we’ll take you to the airport for your onward flight.  Meals B


Our 12-Day Northbound Cruise  

Embark our new, state-of-the-art expedition ship in Vancouver, British Columbia for a 12-day northbound journey to Sitka, Alaska. Including the same ports, sites and activities as our 13-day cruise, this shorter voyage spends one day in the Fords Terror Wilderness, rather than two.
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Port Charges of $649 per person are additional.

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Expedition Cruise to Alaska - 12 Day Northbound Adventure

Introducing the Ocean Victory… Carrying only 200 guests, our luxury vessel heralds a new era in sustainable low-impact expedition cruising. Accompanied by our unequaled shipboard team of expert marine biologists and expedition guides, our unique itinerary reveals Alaska like never before, taking you to smaller ports and remote wilderness areas inaccessible to larger cruise ships.