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On Safari In Botswana, South Africa + Victoria Falls

Trip Reviews for On Safari In Botswana, South Africa + Victoria Falls

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  • Wlliam from SC gives this tour 

    We were pleased with the wildlife we saw, especially the zebras, giraffes, lions, leopards, and meerkats. What we didn't expect was the friendliness of ALL of the local people and how pleased they were to see us. We also had some special experiences such as our small plane not being able to land on the gravel landing strip due to a family of warthogs on the runway or the elephant who walked through the pipe coming down from the camp water tank, giving himself an enormous shower and us no water. We were definitely impressed with the safari guides' ability to find animals and get their Toyota Landcruisers through the bush to the animals. The safari camps were unexpected. Each had a different (and luxurious) ambience. At Jack's camp we really expected Queen Victoria or Cecil Rhodes to walk in at any minute.


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    Date Traveled: 5/24/2021


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