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The Paradise of Bali

Trip Reviews for The Paradise of Bali

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  • Kathleen from FL gives this tour 

    We took this tour after New Zealand and Australia due to the island relatively close proximity to Australia, and we are happy we did it. We had the opportunity to know more about the island’s history, people, culture, unique cuisine. The guide from Destination Asia (Yuda) was very friendly, paid attention to our interest and provided a waste amount of information. We also hired Yuda for an additional day to see what was not included to the program (visiting Ubud’s art villages, see the Elephant Cave, Balinese Dancing, the Waterfall, eat suckling pig). The accommodation in the hotel (Legion) was exceptional and the service was outstanding. We enjoyed the luxury and service you hardly get in the Western world. Walking on the streets of Szeminyak (where we stayed) is challenging due to the lack of walkways and the moped traffic. You still have to try it.


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    Date Traveled: 2/2/2019

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