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Lake Titicaca and the Salt Flats

Trip Reviews for Lake Titicaca and the Salt Flats

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  • William from SC gives this tour 

    It was the rainy season when we visited Uyuni Salt Flats in March. We still drove on them and had a picnic (we were wearing rubber boots provided by the guide). The sunsets over the salt flats were incredible, since the water reflected the setting sun. In addition, the train cemetery in Uyuni was a real surprise. My husband is a model railroad enthusiast and delighted in seeing all the steam locomotives from the Bolivian Silver Fever era. It is a shame they have been partially cut up for scrap and not really taken care of. Our visit to Pulacayo, an almost ghost town from the Silver Fever Era, also gave us an opportunity to observe old railroad equipment including the steam locomotive allegedly shot up (there were dents in the boiler) by Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid. This railroad equipment including turntable was in very good shape. The town still has a few families and a school, and the silver mine is still worked, but it is like walking through a town in the earl 1900s. The other highlight was riding the cable car transportation network in La Paz. Instead of an underground, La Paz has a cable car network. Since the city is built on the side of a mountain, there is over a thousand foot altitude difference for different parts of the city. There are incredible panoramic views as one travels the yellow line and then the green line.


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    Date Traveled: 3/4/2018