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General Tours World Traveler has announced the adoption of Alexander+Roberts as its global brand name. The company has also unveiled a new logo and a tagline that encompasses its legacy of innovation - “Original Journeys since 1947.” Indeed, in the 67 years since Alexander Harris founded General Tours, which Robert Drumm purchased in 1992, the company has remained at the forefront of international travel.

Moving forward as Alexander+Roberts
The name Alexander+Roberts was inspired by the first names of its pioneering founder and current president. Along with the new tagline “Original Journeys since 1947”, the name acknowledges the company’s heritage as a founding member of USTOA, its personal approach to guests’ needs, and the upscale style of its innovative journeys.

A new name to reflect the company’s distinct attributes
Through the years, the company has always been guided by feedback from its guests. It was the first company to limit all of its groups to never more than 16 guests and to expand its private travel options in all of its worldwide destinations. In research conducted for this rebranding, a number of other highly-valued attributes were cited by past travelers and upscale travel agents:

  • Innovative: Original itineraries encompassing a wide range of exotic destinations around the world.
  • Personable: The company’s well-informed and flexible approach to clients’ needs as well as expertise in crafting personal experiences on its small group tours with never more than 16 guests and upscale private journeys.
  • Authentic: Genuine cultural engagement and real opportunities for learning in far-flung lands, led by engaging native-born guides with an excellent command of conversational English.

“We’ve always tried to understand and anticipate our guests’ needs, so these results didn’t surprise us,” notes company president Robert Drumm, “but our research also revealed a disconnect between the qualities which travelers like about us and a corporate brand that didn’t speak to these key attributes.”

The company dates to an era when business acumen and success were epitomized by the likes of General Motors, General Electric and General Dynamics. “General Tours was the perfect name for the time,” Drumm adds, “and it’s served us well for nearly 70 years. But now we need a brand that speaks to our unique offerings, our distinctive personality and the demands of today’s traveler.”

The new logo was unveiled last week on the company’s website and will be incorporated into the company’s first stand-alone catalogs to Africa and Antarctica – due to be published next month.

For information, catalogs and bookings, call Alexander+Roberts at 800-221-2216.


International travel during the COVID pandemic can be very difficult especially with the continually changing COVID test requirements. We are very fortunate to have A+R and their wonderful support staff on our team. They have taken a lot of the burden off our shoulders.
- Andy Q, CA (via TrustPilot)


It was absolutely awesome! Alexander and Roberts staff met us at airports and after the cruise and made sure we were to our hotel or ship on time. The cruise was educational and beautiful. The ship staff were all friendly, professional and had great service. The expeditions were safe and exciting at the same time!
- Joe L, IN (via TrustPilot)


Loved trip to Africa, Rwanda, and Victoria Falls. The wildebeest great migration was truly one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. A&R was great; already looking at another trip with them.
- Carla B, FL (via TrustPilot)