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Having survived World War II in Poland, my friend and mentor Alexander Harris founded General Tours in 1947 with the conviction that travel could build bridges of cross-cultural understanding. Since our first-of-its-kind tours to the Soviet Union in 1955 we’ve remained at the forefront of international travel, helping culturally inquisitive Americans explore 85 far-flung destinations on all seven continents.
Thus, for 74 years, our company … first known as General Tours and now as Alexander+Roberts … has been providing guests with sustainable, authentic and personal ways to enjoy our world with thoughtfulness and a light footprint.  We exclusively offer small groups of ‘never more than 16 guests,’ completely private versions of these same tours departing on any day you choose for just your traveling party, or journeys tailor-made to your specifications.

Alexander+Roberts is a privately-held American company based in Keene, New Hampshire with integrity, financial security, and the demonstrated expertise to care for travelers in a sometimes tumultuous world.  We’re bonded with major travel organizations like the United States Tour Operators Association of which we were a founding member in the 1970’s.

Our luxury services include comprehensive sightseeing, transfers, all tour flights, tips and unique experiences designed to enhance your experience in the culture you’re exploring.   Fine dining is an important aspect of our touring, with congenial meals including wines and beer that reflect authentic regional cuisines.  We search out the finest accommodations to enhance your journey… from the most evocative luxury hotels and historic boutique properties to the best safari camps and small ships.

We often hear from travelers that our guides are extraordinary. They hail from the lands you’ll visit and speak English easily and casually. Because they’re lifelong residents, they have the knowledge and passion to engage you comfortably and more deeply with the people, history, traditions and natural wonders of their homelands.

We hope you’ll make your next journey with Alexander+Roberts… and let us show you the world with our signature style and remarkable value.

Robert Drumm




Alexander+Roberts is a founding member of the United States Tour Operator’s Association, the travel industry’s most respected trade organization.

Cited by the New York Times, Washington Post, Travel + Leisure and NBC’s Today Show among others, the company is hailed for providing personalized service, superior value and authentic travel experiences that hew to the founder’s original mission to deepen understanding and appreciation of other peoples, cultures and nations.

Alexander+Roberts has also been recognized by the editorial staff of TravelAge West as one of America’s best tour companies for Asia,  Latin America and the Middle East.


More than 70 Years of History  

The story of General Tours
and Alexander+Roberts

Right After World War II  

When Alex Harris arrived in the USA from Poland, the ravages of the recent war were hardening into a new cold version of mistrust and hostility. The optimistic, young Mr. Harris knew that travel is a great way to break the borders of distrust in the world. In 1955, Alex was granted special approval by the Eisenhower White House to operate the first scheduled tours to the Soviet Union.

South America in the 1950’s  

Empowered by U.S. enthusiasm for the new United Nations, we headed to the 1954 UNESCO Conference in Montevideo as America’s Flying Ambassadors… 60 years of cruises and touring throughout South America have since followed that first trip.

East Africa in the 1970’s  

On safari in the late ‘60’s, Alex observed that only the wealthiest of world travelers could afford the experience.  He determined to make the thrill of safari more widely accessible and by 1973, General Tours was operating sold-out Pan Am charters to Kenya and Tanzania, the first of their kind.

China and Beyond since the 1980’s  

It wasn’t long after Nixon’s ground-breaking trip to China that General Tours established its reputation as a premier company for Americans eager to see it for themselves. Now our original journeys encompass popular and newly emerging lands all across Asia.

The 21st Century  

With the dawn of a new century, the company continued to innovate and was the first to limit its groups to never more than 16 guests. In 2014, General Tours introduced a new identity inspired by the names of founder Alex Harris and CEO Robert Drumm. Now for 2016-2017, the company has unveiled new journeys across the globe including North America, Albania, Greece + Macedonia, and Ethiopia.