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    It’s easier than ever to travel in 2021
No Price Increase in 2021
We’ve protected our 2020 rates through 2021 on our 105 Original Journeys, except for a handful of tours, ensuring the best value whenever you’re ready to go!
Lower Deposit + Extended Final Payment
For most of our 2021 tours, you can book your Never more than 16 guests Small Group or Private Journey with a deposit of $500 per person and no final payment until 60 days before travel.
Flexible Changes
You can change your booking to another date or destination anytime before final payment with no penalty. Just a few easy rules* apply.
Plus, you can SAVE $1,000 per couple ($500 solo) when you pay in full at booking for any of our Small Group or Private Journeys.
in connection with the foregoing. Under no circumstances are we to be construed as a carrier under contract for safe carriage of the passenger or his or her baggage and belongings. We reserve the right to remove a client from a tour at our sole discretion.
United States Tour Operators Association $1 Million Travelers Assistance Program
Alexander+Roberts, as an Active Member of USTOA, is required to post $1
Million with USTOA to be used to reimburse, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the USTOA $1 Million Travelers Assistance Program, the advance payments of Alexander+Roberts guests in the unlikely event of Alexander+Roberts bankruptcy, insolvency or cessation of business. USTOA can be contacted by email at
Flexible Changes*
Guests may postpone or change their 2021
Small Group or Private Journey travel date or destinations at any time up to final payment. (See exclusions below.) The guest is responsible for any additional costs incurred, including:
1. seasonal price differences; 2. increased price differences of a new program or destination;
3. higher airfare, penalites or fees; 4. any increases in insurance premiums. Unused funds will be held in a travel credit. Exclusions: All Africa programs; Antarctica and Iceland Cruises; Australia Explorer; Finland’s Lapland; Polar Bears of Churchill; Tucano Cruise on the Amazon; Victory Cruises;
All Custom Travel and Custom Groups.
Travel Credit Vouchers
Each voucher has its own unique terms, conditions and special discounts that vary by tour program. Please refer to your voucher for specific terms, conditions and discounts.
Brochure validity: Jan 2021 through Dec 2022 CST: 2009641-20
More Personal Space + Our Extra Care
105 Original Journeys
Without a Crowd
Small Groups with Never More than 16 Guests + Privately Guided + Custom Travel
27 Exciting Safaris to East and Southern Africa
Asia + The Pacific
23 In-Depth Journeys to Japan, China, Southeast Asia, Australia + New Zealand
15 Expertly Guided Journeys across the Continent
Latin America + Antarctica
28 Original Journeys by Land and Water
North America
5 Exclusive Itineraries including Alaska, Canada, and the Great Lakes
Middle East
7 Luxury Journeys to Egypt, Israel, Jordan + the UAE
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