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Save $600 per couple | $300 solo

Solar Eclipse: Antarctica + South Georgia aboard the Ocean Victory

17 days

Never more than 16 guests

The Solar Eclipse on December 4, 2021... Just One of Our Highlights

+ On the morning of the total solar eclipse, our state-of-the-art luxury ship will be positioned for optimal viewing of this amazing event, lasting here for almost 2 full minutes!
+ Trace the route of Sir Ernest Shackleton and learn about his desperate sea voyage to save the crew of his ship Endurance, lost in the remote Weddell Sea of Antarctica in 1915.
+ Thrill to multiple Zodiac excursions along the Antarctic Peninsula, one of the world’s most remarkable wildlife destinations.
+ Explore a variety of landing sites on remote South Georgia Island, home to vast King Penguin rookeries, a wide variety of seabirds and numerous marine mammals.
+ Thoughtful lectures and insight from our expert naturalists enhance every day of your voyage, at sea and ashore.
+ Discover Tierra del Fuego at the End of the World, a captivating land of mountains, sea coasts, forests and waterways.
+ With 2 nights luxury hotel + 14-night cruise in an outside cabin; 44 meals with wine at dinner; all sightseeing + shore excursions; all transfers + luggage handling; port charges; all shipboard gratuities; and all other gratuities except for your guides

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You’ll be met on arrival and escorted to the 5-star Arakur Resort & Spa where sea-view rooms have been reserved for our guests.

After a hearty buffet breakfast, this day is yours to relax and enjoy the spectacular hilltop setting and amenities of our luxury resort. Our in-the-know resident guide can also offer suggestions if you would like to explore on your own. This evening, gather with your fellow A+R guests for an intimate and congenial Welcome Dinner here at the resort.  Meals B+D


Discover Tierra del Fuego + Embark the Ocean Victory

Ocean Victory

This morning’s guided tour reveals the raw, wild beauty of Tierra del Fuego National Park. Traveling all the way to Lapataia Bay, you’ll have a chance to observe indigenous species as you explore the region’s forested mountains and waterways. Then board our state-of-the-art ship and settle in to your outside stateroom. Meet your expedition team and get acquainted with our luxury Polar vessel as you set sail along the Beagle Channel.  Meals B+D


Cruising Eastward Toward South Georgia

Ocean Victory

Your first full day at sea will be enhanced by our shipboard experts. Engaging talks on a variety of topics from the history and geology of South Georgia to the wildlife and climate of Antarctica will prepare you for the diverse experiences to come. Of course, you can also choose to simply relax in the Library or one of the Victory’s inviting shipboard Lounges.   Meals B+L+D


An Enriching Day at Sea

Ocean Victory

Another day of cruising unfolds with fine dining in our two unique shipboard venues, the convivial company of your fellow travelers and a chance to take in the sea air from the Top Deck viewing platform. During our days at sea, our lecture topics will also cover the Total Solar Eclipse, and there will be informative sessions designed to hone your photography skills – not just for this upcoming astronomical event but also for the landscapes and wildlife that you will soon be encountering!  Meals B+L+D


Approaching South Georgia Island

Ocean Victory

As our first landfall draws near, you can expect our shipboard talks to focus on the geology and wildlife of South Georgia. With the island’s unique topographical features, abundant wildlife, and colorful history steeped in the stories of famous Polar explorations and the whaling days of old, there are many topics to be explored! Up on the Top Deck viewing platform, you might well espy the storm petrels and albatrosses that often follow in the wake of our ship.  Meals B+L+D


South Georgia Island

Ocean Victory

Despite South Georgia’s remote setting 1,300 miles east of the South American continent, a unique combination of underwater topography and converging ocean currents has resulted in nutrient-rich seas that support a remarkable variety of wildlife. As weather, sea and land conditions permit, the days we’ll spend exploring South Georgia promise experiences you will never forget – chief among them are the many breeding penguins, sea birds, sea lions and seals that we will likely encounter in the days ahead.  Meals B+L+D


Exploring by Sea + Land

Ocean Victory

Weather, sea and land conditions will guide the excursions we enjoy each day as we explore along the ruggedly beautiful coasts and inlets of South Georgia Island. This information will, of course, be communicated to you by our Captain and Expedition Team through our regular shipboard briefings. Calling on Grytviken would offer us the opportunity to experience the island’s long-ago whaling history. You might also visit the grave of Sir Ernest Shackleton, who arrived on South Georgia in May 1916 – after navigating in an open boat across 700 nautical miles of wild sea to call for the rescue of his crew left stranded on Elephant Island!  Meals B+L+D


More of South Georgia Island

Ocean Victory

Based upon the determinations of our Captain and Expedition Leader, you’ll thrill to another day of exciting Zodiac excursions and shore landings – all designed to show you the stunning landscapes and rich wildlife of this 1,362-square-mile island. Chief among the animals on South Georgia are the massive Elephant Seals who rule many of its beaches. Vast rookeries of King Penguins along with healthy populations of inquisitive Chinstrap and Macaroni Penguins are other wildlife thrills that we hope to experience. If we’re able to navigate close to Cooper Bay on the island’s southeast tip, we might embark on a thrilling Zodiac expedition to observe wildlife from the waterfront.  Meals B+L+D


Our Voyage Continues

Ocean Victory

The exact time we leave South Georgia behind will, of course, be decided by our Captain. But you can rest assured that our voyage will be well-timed to ensure our rendezvous with tomorrow’s Total Solar Eclipse. While at sea, you can continue to enjoy the camaraderie of your fellow adventurers – enhanced by our ongoing program of shipboard talks and fine dining in our two distinctive venues. The Library, Observation Lounge and Albatross Polar Spa also beckon.  Meals B+L+D


The Solar Eclipse

Ocean Victory

Today’s total solar eclipse will run over the South Atlantic, starting early in the morning east of the Falklands. From here, the moon shadow will speed toward South Orkney Island and Antarctica. We’ve selected the best possible viewing position just east of South Orkney where the sun is just 11 degrees above the horizon. Lasting for nearly 2 full minutes, this wondrous phenomenon promises a truly once-in-a-lifetime thrill, yet is just one of several highlights on our exclusive journey of discovery.  Meals B+L+D


At Sea towards Antarctica + The South Shetland Islands

Ocean Victory

As the shimmering white landscapes of the Antarctic Peninsula draw near, the presence of wildlife again multiplies with many species of lively penguins, curious seals and nesting birds – along with the spray of marine mammals. A haven for wildlife, the South Shetlands offer a chance to discover vast penguin rookeries, numerous seabirds and pristine beaches ruled by Fur and Elephant Seals. Conditions permitting, our planned shore landings in this southern archipelago will include King George Island, home to Gentoo and Chinstrap penguins.  Meals B+L+D


Exploring by Land + Sea

Ocean Victory

Our exact itinerary and daily activities will depend on weather and ice conditions, information that will be communicated to you regularly in our shipboard briefings. During our time here, our route is expected to include Gerlache Strait with its towering ice cliffs and pods of whales. Here you can anticipate thrilling Zodiac excursions to experience Antarctica’s wild beauty up-close and shore landings that promise engaging wildlife encounters enriched by the deep knowledge of our expert naturalists.  Meals B+L+D


Another Thrilling Day

Ocean Victory

During our time here along the Antarctic Peninsula, there are a number of other sites that we hope to explore. These might include Deception Island where a flooded caldera is filled with waters that are often warm enough for a Polar swim. If we are able to make a landing on Half Moon Island, we are likely to encounter Wilson’s storm petrels and Chinstrap penguins! When not venturing out with our expert naturalists, you can enjoy our ongoing shipboard enrichment program and fine dining in two distinctive venues – with wine at dinner for A+R guests!  Meals B+L+D


Northward across the Drake Passage

Ocean Victory

Having left the Antarctic Peninsula behind us, today finds the Ocean Victory charting a northward course across the Drake Passage. While this storied stretch of water is known for its high winds and seas, you’ll voyage confidently aboard the Ocean Victory; our next-generation Polar ship has been purpose-built with stabilizers, powerful engines and a highly-qualified crew. These final days at sea are the perfect time to enjoy all of our ship’s amenities and inviting public spaces.  Meals B+L+D


A Final Day at Sea

Ocean Victory

As the last day of your exciting voyage unfolds, you can delight in the camaraderie of your fellow travelers and attend our final shipboard talks. Our return journey toward the Beagle Channel will take us past Cape Horn, a storied maritime landmark that marks the southern tip of the Continent.  Meals B+L+D


Disembark in Ushuaia

Step off the Ocean Victory and transfer to the airport for your onward journey. Meals B

Extend Your Trip

Antarctica - Buenos Aires Pre-tour

3 Day Extension from $1599

Two nights at the Alvear Palace in the heart of the capital with sightseeing, transfers and your flight from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia.

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Welcome to Buenos Aires

Check in to the stylish 5-star Alvear Palace in the heart of this vibrant city and settle in to your Luxury Room.


Discover Buenos Aires

The Argentine capital presents a rich mosaic of Spanish, Italian, German and French influences, which you can experience in the cuisine, architecture, and cosmopolitan spirit of its residents. Setting out this morning with your personal car, driver and guide, your exploration of the city’s multi-faceted charms begins as you drive through the elegant Plaza de Mayo; it’s the oldest public square in town and has been the scene of many significant and historic events. You’ll also see the Casa Rosada, where Evita addressed an adoring crowd, and continue through La Recoleta, an upscale district filled with elegant boutiques and cafes.

Then discover the diversity of BA’s many charming neighborhoods from the street art and leafy parks of Palermo to historic San Telmo and La Boca – the colorful waterfront district where the Tango was born. Before returning to your hotel, you’ll also tour Zanjon de Granados. Discovered in 1986 and dating to the 1700’s this unusual subterranean architectural site encompasses a network of tunnels and cisterns that have been reconstructed and lit; it offers a fascinating look into the earliest days of the city.  Meals B

Note: On Saturdays, when Zanjon de Granados is closed, you’ll enjoy a guided tour of Teatro Colon. Opened in 1908, this lavish theater is hailed as one of the finest opera houses in the world and it offers insight into the cultural life of Buenos Aires and its sophisticated residents.


To the End of the Continent

Fly to Ushuaia where you’ll be escorted to the your hotel.

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Thrill to a Total Solar Eclipse  

On the morning of December 4, 2021, the umbra of a Total Solar Eclipse will sweep across the remote waters of the Southern Atlantic... And our new luxury ship Ocean Victory will be in a prime spot just east of South Orkney Island.

Here where the sun will be sitting just 11 degrees above the horizon, the Total Eclipse will endure for nearly 2 minutes - and you’ll be among the few to experience this wondrous, once-in-a-lifetime event.

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