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Cambodia Tours

Our Cambodia tours feature a deep look into the ancient Khmer Empire and Angkor Wat, the largest single temple in the world. But it is just one highlight of the sprawling temple complex near the town of Siem Reap.  Bayon Temple is another must-see site, known for its carvings. Here you’ll find hundreds of smiling faces decorating its stone towers and detailed bas reliefs that tell stories of the Khmer people. Built in the 12th century, Ta Prohm Temple is one of the most-photographed. It has been largely left in its natural state, surrounded by the massive roots and limbs of the encroaching jungle. Ascending to a high vantage point among the Angkor temples is the best way to watch the sun set over these jungle ruins. For many travelers, this is a highlight of their travel to Cambodia.
A boat tour on Tonle Sam Lake offers the chance to experience the timeless, modern side of life in Cambodia. Floating villages and fish farms are just some of the interesting sights you’ll enjoy.

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Visions of Vietnam + Laos + Cambodia + Thailand

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Small Group Tour or Private Tour

32 Traveler Reviews
16 Days
Starting at $7,799

With the most evocative hotels, our uniquely intimate adventure across Southeast Asia delves into the cuisines, cultures and landscapes of these diverse lands.

Vietnam + Angkor Wat - NEW

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Small Group Tour or Private Tour

11 Days
Starting at $5,299

With our engaging native-born guides and never more than 16 guests, our extensive sightseeing and unique cultural activities bring you deeper inside the stories, culture and beauty of these friendly and exotic lands. By night, you’ll enjoy the finest luxury accommodations – on land and water!

Angkor Wat

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Private Tour

3 Traveler Reviews
3 Days
Starting at $799

Our private tour includes your choice of fine hotels, including the Raffles. Then join our expert guide for unhurried private sightseeing featuring Angkor’s best-known sites, its significant lesser-visited temples and Tonle Sap Lake.