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Journey to Croatia + Montenegro

  (44 Traveler Reviews)

Travel to Croatia and Montenegro for pristine mountains, sea and stories showcased in one of our most unique small group journeys – and presented with insight and passion by our expert local Trip Leader.

13 Days

Starting at $5,999

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Ancient Cultures of the Caucasus

With 8,000 years of wine-making tradition and a wealth of medieval monasteries, Armenia and Georgia are truly historic. But they’re also very young democracies – promising a lively adventure enhanced by soaring mountain vistas, illuminating exploration of ancient sites, and a chance to savor two of the world’s great culinary traditions.

13 Days

Starting at $5,677

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Joys of Greece

The Greece of textbooks and the silver screen does exist! From Athens, our off-the-beaten-path itinerary brings to life the ancient sites, romantic villages and idyllic islands you thought existed only in your imagination.

12 Days

Starting at $6,999

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Norway and Svalbard by Small Ship

We’ve uniquely combined our private touring in Oslo + Tromsø with a Svalbard cruise. Our ice-class ship and maneuverable Zodiacs are built to explore these Arctic fjords with their rich wildlife + amazing landscapes.

11 Days

Starting at $7,899

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Ancient Crossroads: Albania, Greece + Macedonia

  (37 Traveler Reviews)

With our original style and intimate approach, we’ll open doors and windows to the people, cuisines and centuries-old traditions that you simply can't experience on other Greece tours.  Explore Albania's Balkan traditions and learn about life during the Communist era, visit ancient monasteries in Greece, and see the cultural treasures of Macedonia.

11 Days

Starting at $3,899

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Gems of Central Europe by Rail

  (16 Traveler Reviews)

Our well-versed, native-born guides will delight you with their deep passion and broad knowledge of the lands they call home. And as you explore this captivating corner of Europe, private transfers and our signature “to the train” luggage service promise carefree rail travel.

10 Days

Starting at $3,499

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Bulgaria + Romania

  (5 Traveler Reviews)

With our engaging native-born guides and a congenial group of never more than 16 guests, our unique itinerary plumbs the rich heritage, colorful stories and UNESCO World Heritage Sites of this often overlooked corner of Europe.

10 Days

Starting at $4,199

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Spain by Rail

  (8 Traveler Reviews)

Comprehensive privately-guided sightseeing with our resident experts reveals the rich history and vibrant modern life of this trio of cities. Our handpicked city-center hotels and first-class high-speed rail make this a complete and wonderful experience.

10 Days

Starting at $4,699

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Around Iceland Cruise by Small Ship

Our unique circumnavigation of Iceland explores pristine waters teeming with marine life and remote coasts explored by few. With a fleet of Zodiacs and the finest Expedition Team, we promise a full and enriching adventure.

10 Days

Starting at $6,599

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Undiscovered Greece

  (1 Traveler Reviews)

Steeped in ancient myths from Chiron the Centaur to Jason and the Argonauts, the deeply forested mountains and pristine coasts of Pelion lie just north of Athens. Here in this untouched, little-known corner of Greece, our exclusive itinerary plumbs fabled sites of antiquity, timeless village ways, and the region’s fine food and wine.

10 Days

Starting at $6,099

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