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A particular highlight of visiting Canada’s scenic Hudson Bay is the chance to glimpse a pod of Beluga whales cavorting in the icy waters.  Read More >>

Posted: 2/15/2019 1:45:48 PM by Alexander + Roberts
Dedicated to the expansive American spirit of innovation and “can-do” attitude, the Henry Ford Museum offers the broadest possible interpretation of both. Read More >>

Posted: 1/31/2019 10:24:36 AM by Alexander + Roberts
The National Parks of Costa Rica number 27, making visiting them all a serious undertaking. We were forced to cherry-pick a handful that we believe offer the most unforgettable experiences. Read More >>

Posted: 1/16/2019 1:19:07 PM by Alexander + Roberts
In 2017, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology found traces of... Read More >>

Posted: 12/7/2018 3:01:26 PM by Alexander + Roberts
Pandas are beloved around the world for their playful and endearing mannerisms, their appealing black and white fur, and their...

Posted: 11/2/2018 10:22:40 AM by Alexander + Roberts
Iceland’s vibrant Blue Lagoon is one of the tiny island nation’s premier attractions, which can — and should — be experienced by literally jumping in... Read More >>

Posted: 10/26/2018 12:33:29 PM by Alexander + Roberts
Amateur and professional Egyptologists alike have heralded 2018 as a banner year. In addition to the discovery of a sealed sarcophagus, an ancient village, and a new colossus of the prolific Ramses II... Read More >>

Posted: 10/19/2018 9:10:35 AM by Alexander + Roberts
Noodle history is almost as old as the history of mankind. Long strands of pasta in Asia represent longevity and are served at birthday celebrations just as candles are put in Western birthday cakes. They can also represent...

Posted: 10/5/2018 10:23:38 AM by Alexander + Roberts
The Norsemen were risk-takers, daring rough seas, glaciers, and unknown lands in a never-ending drive for power and wealth that expanded their horizons from... Read More >>

Posted: 9/21/2018 11:11:40 AM by Alexander + Roberts
Dancing the tango takes skill and practice. The dance consists of a leader and a follower, but the execution is very much a conversation: the leader proposes a direction... Read More >>

Posted: 9/6/2018 12:30:15 PM by Alexander + Roberts
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