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Ecuador Tours

Our Ecuador tours feature Quito’s Colonial district. With our expert guides, you’ll discover the landmarks of this UNESCO World Heritage Site including the Convent of San Francisco.  Or visi8t the award-winning Mashpi Lodge set in one of Ecuador’s most pristine cloud forests
No visit to Ecuador would be complete without a visit to the Galapagos Islands.  Fly to Baltra Island to board our expedition Galapagos cruise ship. We offer a variety of Galapagos cruise itineraries including the Eastern Galapagos, with excursions to Santa Fe Island and San Cristobal Island, site of the Cerro Colorado Tortoise Reserve. Our Northern Galapagos Islands cruise is highlighted by the geological formations of Bartolome Island and the rich birdlife on Genovesa Island.  Our longer Western Galapagos voyage takes you to the edge of the archipelago to Isabela and Fernandina Islands. On Santa Cruz Island, you’ll venture into the Highlands to see the giant Galapagos tortoise.

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Northern Galapagos Cruise + Quito

Small Group Tour

35 Traveler Reviews
8 Days
Starting at $7,399

Northern Galapagos cruise aboard our intimate vessel, all guests enjoy Upper Deck outside cabins for this unforgettable voyage… The northern reaches of the archipelago feature some of the most iconic sites in the Galapagos, like Bartolom√© Island with its famous views.  Delight in Quito’s finest boutique hotel and our specially arranged sightseeing.

Eastern Galapagos Cruise + Quito

Small Group Tour

44 Traveler Reviews
8 Days
Starting at $6,899

Eastern Galapagos cruise aboard the stylish 24-cabin La Pinta... Our deluxe and intimate vessel offers great ocean views through floor-to-ceiling windows! 

Western Galapagos Cruise + Quito

Small Group Tour

42 Traveler Reviews
10 Days
Starting at $8,599

Western Galapagos cruise aboard our intimate vessel, all guests enjoy Upper Deck outside cabins for this unforgettable voyage to the remote western reaches of the archipelago.  Delight in Quito’s finest boutique hotel and our specially arranged sightseeing in this lovely World Heritage capital.

Machu Picchu + the Galapagos Cruise

Small Group Tour

8 Traveler Reviews
14 Days
Starting at $10,799

We’ve uniquely combined our complete Machu Picchu experience and Quito with the Ecuadorean Highlands and our intimate Galapagos cruise. In the engaging company of our expert guides and naturalists and never more than 16 guests, you’ll enjoy in-depth sightseeing, unique cultural encounters and a complete program of shore discoveries. By night, you’ll love our 5-star hotels and your stylish Upper Deck outside stateroom aboard La Pinta.


Private Tour

2 Days
Starting at $499

Discover the bustling Pacific port of Guayaquil. Our 2-day Private Touring stay includes a choice of fine city-center hotels, chauffeured transfers, and a city tour with your own personal car, driver and guide. 


Private Tour

3 Days
Starting at $899

Fly roundtrip from Quito to this handsome Colonial-era town set high in Ecuador’s southern Andes. Enjoy a city tour and then personalize your stay with a second countryside excursion of your choice.


Private Tour

2 Traveler Reviews
3 Days
Starting at $699

Discover this fascinating city cradled high in the Andes. Our private tour includes a choice of fine hotels and a private tour showcasing the Colonial monuments and lively culture of Ecuador’s alluring capital.

Ecuador's Mashpi Lodge

Private Tour

1 Traveler Reviews
4 Days
Starting at $1,999

Nestled at 3,000 feet between rainforest and cloud forest, Mashpi is a luxury outpost in the heart of pristine wilderness. A member of the prestigious National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World, it’s the perfect base for discovering remarkable flora and fauna – including hundreds of species of birds, trees and frogs found nowhere else in the world.

The Galapagos by Land + Highlands of Ecuador

Private Tour

6 Traveler Reviews
7 Days
Starting at $5,399

Our exclusive combination of the Ecuadoran Highlands and an up-close land-based exploration of the Galapagos Islands features go-any-day flexibility. Discover the natural wonders and enduring traditions of the Andes and then fly to the Galapagos for a 3-night stay at our inviting resort. We include a choice of excursions by land and water so you can experience the amazing flora, fauna and geology of the Galapagos.