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United Arab Emirates

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United Arab Emirates Tours

Our United Arab Emirates tours are perfect for culturally curious and adventurous travelers. In Dubai, expert guides show you historic highlights like Al Fahidi Fort. Visit the Women’s Museum and Islamic Art Museum to learn more about Arabian life and culture. Of course, no visit would be complete without taking in the city’s 21st-century skyline with towering skyscrapers like the Burj Khalifa.
In Rub’ Al Khali, our guided adventures offer a personalized way to explore the Empty Quarter Desert. The island city of Abu Dhabi has a variety of sights to explore including the Grand Mosque with its 80 white marble domes. At the Falcon Hospital, where these birds of prey are cared for, you can learn about the importance of falconry in the local culture.

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Dubai Stopover

Private Tour

1 Traveler Reviews
3 Days
Starting at $1,199

With non-stop service on award-winning Emirates, 21st-century Dubai is a convenient, easy-to-add stopover that will enhance your travels to India or Africa. Our Dubai private tours include a choice of superb hotels, privately guided sightseeing, and private airport transfers.

Abu Dhabi

Private Tour

4 Days
Starting at $1,199

Our perfectly-planned Abu Dhabi tour includes your choice of luxury hotel, chauffeured airport transfers, and an in-depth city tour with your own personal guide. Cap off your sightseeing at the newly opened Louvre Abu Dhabi.

Our Spectacular Dubai

Private Tour

2 Traveler Reviews
5 Days
Starting at $1,799

Our spectacular Dubai tour shows you why 21st-century Dubai is the perfect getaway.  World class hotels, modern shopping and historic Dubai's fabled gold and spice souks.

The United Arab Emirates

Private Tour

3 Traveler Reviews
8 Days
Starting at $5,499

With your own personal car, driver and guide throughout, our United Arab Emirates tour begins with an exciting Dubai vacation. Discover its 21st-century exuberance and rich heritage, and then embark on a thrilling adventure into the fabled Rub’ al Khali Desert. Finish your journey at our luxury hotel in Abu Dhabi where extensive sightseeing includes the new Louvre Abu Dhabi.