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Wings Over Africa

  (2 Traveler Reviews)

The thrills of an East Africa safari featuring Kenya’s and Tanzania’s finest parks and reserves are uniquely combined with Victoria Falls and the best of South Africa. We include the Winelands, our complete Cape Town experience and the marine life of Grootbos at the tip of the Continent!

23 Days

Starting at $17,599

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Visions of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos + Thailand

  (13 Traveler Reviews)

With the most evocative hotels, our uniquely intimate sojourn through Southeast Asia delves into the cuisines, cultures and amazing landscapes of these diverse lands.

16 Days

Starting at $6,799

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Historical China, Tibet + the Yangtze

  (64 Traveler Reviews)

Informed and insightful, our Chinese Trip Leaders will take you deeper inside their native culture and history. Warm personal encounters, Pandas, and the finest all-balcony ship make our trip special.

16 Days

Starting at $6,599

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Machu Picchu + the Galapagos

  (111 Traveler Reviews)

Our original combination of these great places – with expert naturalists and native guides to make it more rewarding. Guests love our 5-star hotels and intimate ship with all Upper Deck cabins!

14 Days

Starting at $8,999

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Persian Moments

  (2 Traveler Reviews)

Iran’s ancient heritage is opening to the world and its youthful society is ready to engage you. With our especially rich itinerary, you’ll discover all the ancient sites and encounter its changing, modern ways.

14 Days

Starting at $7,199

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Journey to Rajasthan

  (3 Traveler Reviews)

Our unique combination of North India’s most venerated sites and the Hill Forts of Rajasthan is enhanced by exclusive cultural encounters, desert adventures, 5-star hotels and fine dining.

13 Days

Starting at $3,899

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Morocco... From Sea to Sahara

Join this special Original Event hosted by our Concierge, Melanie Delworth. Taking you from timeless fishing villages and ancient medinas across the High Atlas Range into the Sahara, our uniquely comprehensive itinerary showcases all that we love about this friendly exotic land.

13 Days

Starting at $5,399

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Journey to Croatia + Montenegro

  (8 Traveler Reviews)

Croatia and Montenegro's pristine mountains, sea and stories are showcased in one of our most unique small group journeys – and presented with insight and passion by our expert Trip Leader.

13 Days

Starting at $5,699

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Grandeur of India + Nepal

  (20 Traveler Reviews)

In-depth sightseeing with an intimate group and our unique cultural encounters promise a deeper understanding of the people, stories and cultures of these fascinating lands.

13 Days

Starting at $4,999

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Land of the Maharajahs

  (28 Traveler Reviews)

With our intimate groups and some of India’s finest hotels, our engaging Trip Leaders expertly present the diversity of Northern India... its monuments, wildlife and culture.

13 Days

Starting at $5,599

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