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Wings Over Africa Safari

  (10 Traveler Reviews)

The thrills of an East Africa safari featuring Kenya’s and Tanzania’s finest parks and reserves are uniquely combined with Victoria Falls and the best of South Africa. We include the Winelands, our complete Cape Town experience and the marine life of Grootbos at the tip of Africa!

23 Days

Starting at $23,099

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Antarctica: Classic South Georgia + The Falklands

Exploring the South Shetlands and along the Peninsula, this extensive Antarctica cruise also takes you to the Western and Eastern Falklands, rich with history and diverse fauna. Extremely isolated, South Georgia is the highlight of this unique voyage, with 4 days to explore the island’s must-see sites including the Salisbury Plain, nicknamed the “Serengeti of the South” for its abundant wildlife!

21 Days

Starting at $15,999

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Visions of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos + Thailand

  (28 Traveler Reviews)

With the most evocative hotels, our uniquely intimate adventure across Southeast Asia delves into the cuisines, cultures and landscapes of these diverse lands.

16 Days

Starting at $6,899

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Historical China, Tibet + the Yangtze

  (95 Traveler Reviews)

With our informed and insightful native-born Trip Leader, our original China and Tibet Tour will take you deeper inside the culture and history of these inspiring lands. Warm personal encounters, Pandas, and the finest all-balcony ship on the Yangtze make this travel experience special.

16 Days

Starting at $6,999

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Machu Picchu + the Galapagos Cruise

  (133 Traveler Reviews)

Our original combination -- a complete Machu Picchu experience and intimate Galapagos cruise.  Guests love our 5-star hotels, and small ship cruise with expert naturalists and seven unique landing sites in the Galapagos Islands.

14 Days

Starting at $9,999

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Between the Paws of the Sphinx

  (6 Traveler Reviews)

Our Egypt Nile River cruise aboard the luxury Oberoi Zahra plus our expert Egyptologists in Alexandria and Cairo promise a truly distinctive journey. And with the smallest groups in Egypt, a visit to Abu Simbel, and our exclusive field talk in front of the Sphinx takes you deeper inside 5,000 years of Egyptian civilization and culture.

13 Days

Starting at $7,699

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Land of the Maharajahs

  (33 Traveler Reviews)

With our intimate groups and some of India’s finest hotels, our engaging Trip Leaders expertly present the diversity of Northern India... its monuments, wildlife and culture.

13 Days

Starting at $6,299

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Grandeur of India + Nepal

  (20 Traveler Reviews)

In-depth sightseeing with an intimate group and our unique cultural encounters promise a deeper understanding of the people, stories and cultures of these fascinating lands.

13 Days

Starting at $4,999

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Adventures in Ethiopia (2019 Itinerary)

  (17 Traveler Reviews)

You’ll love this unique Ethiopia tour with our engaging Trip Leader... In the congenial company of never more than 16 guests, you’ll travel to Harar and enjoy unhurried exploration of Lalibela’s rock churches. And with our 4-night stay in the Omo Valley, we give you more time to engage with the tribes and to experience their unique cultures.

13 Days

Starting at $6,299

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Antarctica + Polar Circle Quest

  (14 Traveler Reviews)

Crossing the Drake Passage aboard our nimble Polar expedition vessel, this once-in-a-lifetime Antarctica cruise takes you to the South Shetland Islands and then along the Antarctic Peninsula’s pristine western coast. Venturing all the way to the Polar Circle, you’ll explore remote waters rich with wildlife and strewn with myriad icebergs of varying shades.

13 Days

Starting at $10,399

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