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Easter Island – 3 Days at Hangaroa

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On arrival, you’ll be warmly greeted and escorted to the Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa. Check in to your spacious room, thoughtfully designed and built with renewable local materials including cypress logs, clay and volcanic stone. Then sit down to an elegant dinner featuring locally-sourced ingredients including fresh fish and seafood.  Meals D

Tailor this day to your personal style and interests with the included excursions of your choice; they’re expertly guided and designed to immerse you and your fellow lodge guests in the windswept beauty of Rapa Nui, its people, and the enigmatic moai – the enormous stone figures scattered across the island. Here are some of the excursions that you might join, ranging from easy to moderate:
Sunrise at Ahu Tongariki:  With its 15 standing stone figures, Ahu Tongariki is one of the most photographed sites on the island – majestic, evocative and mysterious. Setting out at dawn to visit this extraordinary place is a 2-hour experience you will never forget.

Mana Tupuna: We begin our morning where the first Polynesian sailors arrived and hear the history of Rapa Nui's first civilization. Our journey takes us to the mythical pink sands of Ovahe, and to Te Pito Kura, with one of the largest moaia, the focus of many ancient tales.
Hiking Tarai Moai: This half-day excursion includes a 3.5-mile guide hike to Rano Raraku, the ancient volcanic quarry where the most of the island’s moai were carved long ago. The Tarai Moai Trail that leads up to Rano Raraku offers captivating island vistas punctuated by the remains of nearly 400 moai – some finished but many left here in a half-completed state.  We also see one of the best known sites on the island, Ahu Tongariki, with 15 large moai on a single platform.
Sunset at Tahai: With several moai set on a bluff above the Pacific, this is a spectacular place to watch the sun setting behind these carved stone figures.
Back at our lodge, you’ll enjoy fine dining with house wines and spirits.  Meals B+L+D


Depart Easter Island

After breakfast, our we’ll take you to the airport for your onward flight. Or ask us about extending your stay at Hangaroa with extra nights – including meals and excursions.  Meals B

Prices are per person, double occupancy, and may vary during holidays and trade shows.