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zMongolia's Naadam Festival + Gobi Desert

Trip Reviews for zMongolia's Naadam Festival + Gobi Desert

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  • Pat from CT gives this tour 

    Our guide and all drivers were fabulous! The people were so warm and welcoming and their culture and history is so interesting. Highlights for sure: the horse racing at the Naadam Festival, a wonderful horseback ride in Terelj Nat'l Park with a very special visit to our guide's ger and family (truly not a set up "tourist" visit - the real deal), camel riding at the sand dunes in the Gobi Desert and actually hearing the "Singing Sand Dunes" when we climbed to the top, 3 Camels Lodge (so nice), the food - it was fabulous every day! 2 of the 4 in our group (private - family) were vegetarian and they were very well taken care of at every meal. A total surprise. And Ulaanbaatar - museums (history & art), a bit of shopping (cashmere), old vs. new, and the Shangri-La Hotel there - beautiful and a perfect location! We had a wonderful trip! 2 of us were in their early 30's and 2 of us 60.


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    Date Traveled: 7/8/2017

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