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Visions of Egypt + Jordan Cruise and Tour

13 days

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Our experienced Cairo-based staff will be at the airport to greet and assist you with all arrival procedures from obtaining your visa through baggage claim and customs. Then we’ll take you to the banks of the Nile River in the heart of the capital. In this affluent and prestigious city-center district, you’ll check in to our sophisticated 5-star hotel, the Kempinski Nile. Settle in to your Nile-view guestroom and enjoy the rest of this day to rest or explore as you wish.


With their penetrating insights and informative narration, our expert Egyptologists will plumb the mysteries of the Pharaohs and bring their ancient world to life. This exciting day of sightseeing begins with the Great Pyramids c that have stood for millennia on the Giza Plateau. Then behold the watchful gaze of the Sphinx, which 20th-century scholarship has determined to be even older than the Pyramids. Next up is a camel ride across the desert sands – an experience that is as fun as it is unforgettable!

We’ll take a break from sightseeing to enjoy lunch at the historic Mena House and then continue to ancient Memphis c. Highlighting our afternoon sightseeing are the Colossus of Rameses II, on display in a dedicated museum, and the beautiful Alabaster Sphinx. Continuing to Sakkara, we’ll marvel at the monumental Step Pyramid of King Zoser, the oldest standing stone structure in all of Egypt. Just recently opened to visitors for the first time in 80 years, the 4,000-year-old Tomb of Mehu will impress you with its vibrant drawings and inscriptions. Back at our luxury hotel in Cairo, you’ll have time to refresh before dining on your own. Before taking your leave for the day, our in-the-know Egyptologist guide will be happy to offer some restaurant suggestions. Meals B+L


From the Citadel to the Egyptian Museum

Kempinski Nile Hotel - Cairo, Egypt

After breakfast, our engaging Egyptologist will again be waiting to continue your journey into antiquity. First up is the Citadel, a medieval hilltop fortification that offers panoramic views of Cairo. You’ll also admire the impressive Muhammad Ali Mosque, commissioned in the mid-19th century by Muhammad Ali Pasha. With its graceful, soaring minarets and strategic location atop the citadel, it can be seen from many other parts of the capital. Then continue for an unhurried guided tour of the renowned Egyptian Museum of Antiquities. The knowledge and insights you gain here are the perfect introduction to the many temples and places you’ll visit during your upcoming Nile voyage.

After lunch, our afternoon program continues with a 1-hour walking tour through the lively streets of Old Cairo c. You’ll stop to visit one of the city’s oldest churches and have time to explore the bustling Khan El Khalili Bazaar. With a rich history dating back more than 500 years, this lively market is filled with colorful merchant stalls offering a bewildering array of goods from gold, spices and rugs to textiles, stained-glass lanterns, incense and copperware. Returning to our boutique hotel along the Nile, the evening is free to enjoy and dine as you wish. Meals B+L


Welcome Aboard Historia

Historia Nile Cruiser

After a final buffet breakfast at the hotel, we’ll take you to the airport for your included flight to Luxor, set along the banks of the Nile about 300 miles upriver from Cairo. On arrival, you’ll be met and escorted to our private pier to embark our elegant, boutique ship. After lunch onboard, our included afternoon shore excursion program showcases two of Egypt’s most celebrated sites of antiquity. Accompanied as always by our engaging Egyptologist, your first visit will be Karnak Temple c. Dating back to around 2,000 B.C., this large religious complex encompasses massive pillars and the remarkable Hypostyle Hall, the largest of any temple hall in the world.

Connected to Karnak by the amazing nearly 2-mile long Avenue of the Sphinxes is Luxor Temple c; about 600 years newer than Karnak, the temple walls of Luxor are embellished with fine carvings including ancient Egyptian deities accompanied by a procession of priests, musicians and dancers. Enhanced by the deep knowledge of our Egyptologists, your exploration of both Karnak and Luxor offer a penetrating look into Egypt’s ancient culture and beliefs. Back onboard Historia, enjoy a welcome cocktail reception and your first dinner in the bright and airy Noria Restaurant. Meals B+L+D


The Valley of the Kings and Queens c

Historia Nile Cruiser

With our private docking facilities along the river, you’ll step off ship easily and comfortably this morning—apart from the cluster of other ships and their passengers. Accompanied by our expert Egyptologists, your exploration along the Nile’s West Bank begins in the storied Valley of the Kings where, to date, more than 60 Pharaonic tombs have been discovered. There are also a number of important temples in the Valley including Medinet Habu, notable for its size, architecture and relief carvings depicting military conquests during the reign of Ramses III. Standing like guards along the road to the Valley of Kings, you’ll marvel at the Colossi of Memnon, impressive statues of Amenhotep III that tower 75 feet above the desert sands.

You’ll also spend time this morning in the nearby Valley of the Queens and at the Mortuary temple of Queen Hatshepsut. This latter site is truly spectacular, built in a natural amphitheater set against the mountains and partially hollowed out of the rocks. Return to ship at midday in time for lunch and a leisurely afternoon of cruising as Historia navigates upriver towards Esna. Enjoy the passing scenery and sunset snacks before sitting down to another a la carte dinner onboard. Meals B+L+D


Edfu + Kom Ombo

Historia Nile Cruiser

After a leisurely buffet breakfast, you’ll go ashore this morning in the historical town of Edfu to visit the Temple of Horus. Built of enormous sandstone blocks between 237 and 57BC, archaeologists and scholars consider this to be the best-preserved cult temple in all of Egypt. It is also the second largest temple after Karnak and according to myth and legend is built upon the site where Horus, the revered falcon-headed god, fought a battle with his murderous uncle Seth in a quarrel over who was the legitimate divinely appointed ruler of Egypt. With the insightful interpretation of our Egyptologist, the temple’s captivating inscriptions and relief carvings will come to life.

Enjoy lunch back onboard as our ship continues to navigate upriver. In the afternoon, you’ll explore the distinctive Temple of Kom Ombo. Built during the Ptolemaic Period and situated on a picturesque bend in the Nile, Kom Ombo’s uniqueness lies in its symmetrical construction, with duplicate halls, rooms, courts and sanctuaries on both sides of the east/west axis. The north side was dedicated to the sky god Haroeris while the identical southern half of this dual-deity temple honored Sobek, the crocodile god. Return to ship in time for Afternoon Tea, followed by dinner and this evening’s cultural entertainment. Meals B+L+D


Temple of Philae + Felucca Excursion

Historia Nile Cruiser

Once again taking advantage of our ship’s private docking facilities, you’ll go ashore after breakfast this morning to visit the remarkable Unfinished Obelisk of Queen Hatshepsut. Still attached to the bedrock in a stone quarry, it was abandoned more than 3,500 years ago when cracks appeared in the granite. If it had been completed, it would have weighed over 1,000 tons and stood nearly 138 feet tall, one-third larger than any other known Egyptian obelisk. It’s a fascinating site that offers insight into the remarkable stone-working techniques of ancient Egypt. Before returning to ship, you’ll also visit the Temple of Philae c. Rescued from rising waters after the completion of the High Dam in 1970, this small but lovely temple was built around 370 BC and dedicated to Isis, the beloved Goddess of Life, Healing and Protection.

After lunch onboard, your final excursion finds you aboard a felucca, the ancient sailing craft of the Nile. Sit back and enjoy the vistas as we take you around El Nabatat Island. Also known as Kitchener’s Island, this small oval-shaped island was granted to Lord Kitchener when he served as Consul General in Egypt. Making the island his home, Kitchener turned it into a lush tropical paradise with exotic trees and flowers, many of them imported from India. Back onboard Historia, enjoy your final a la carte dinner in the Noria Restaurant and some shipboard entertainment. Meals B+L+D


The Temples of Abu Simbel c

Le Meridien Airport Hotel - Cairo, Egypt

After breakfast and disembarkation, you’ll be escorted to the airport for your included flight to Abu Simbel. With our engaging Egyptologists once again leading the way, you’ll discover one of the world’s most impressive and oft-photographed sights of antiquity. Towering nearly 70 feet, the rock-carved figures of Ramses II are themselves a marvel of planning and execution. Equally fascinating is the much more modern story of how they were rescued from the rising waters of the Aswan Dam and moved 200 feet above their original site. The execution of this massive project was so meticulous that twice a year, on February 22 and October 22, the rays of the rising sun penetrate into the very heart of the temple just 24 hours later than the original plan!

After sightseeing, we include your flight back to Cairo where you will spend the night at our 5-star hotel, conveniently located close to the airport. Meals B


Fly to Amman, Jordan

W Hotel - Amman, Jordan

After breakfast, it’s a short transfer back to the airport for your included flight to Jordan. Upon arrival in Amman, you’ll be warmly greeted and escorted to our stylish hotel in the heart of the capital. The rest of this day is yours to enjoy as you wish. Meals B


Jerash + The King’s Highway to Petra

Movenpick - Petra, Jordan

After breakfast, check out from the W Hotel to begin your day’s touring with our experienced Jordanian Trip Leader, starting with the Pompeii of the East. Situated less than an hour from Amman, Jerash is widely regarded as the best-preserved provincial Roman city in the world. Enter through the triple-arched gateway erected in honor of Emperor Hadrian and discover a wealth of imperial Roman landmarks including the Temple of Zeus. Then continue your journey along the fabled King’s Highway, traveling southward along this once-vital ancient trade route to Madaba where you’ll visit St. George Church. From the outside, this 19th-century Greek Orthodox Church presents a fairly unassuming façade. But inside, you’ll behold an historic treasure that was discovered in 1884 during the Church’s construction. Now on display for visitors, this amazing 1,500-year-old mosaic depicts Biblical sights all across the Middle East. Indeed, this is the oldest known map of the Holy Land!

Enjoy a traditional midday meal, home cooked and attentively served in a restored century-old residence, before ascending Mt. Nebo, the traditional burial site of Moses. Take in the panoramic views of the Jordan Valley and see a remarkable Franciscan structure that was built to protect the remains of a 4th-century Byzantine church. Continue your journey along the King’s Highway to Petra where you’ll check in to your Junior Suite at the Mövenpick Hotel.

Later this evening, delight in a hands-on culinary experience at the Petra Kitchen. Working alongside friendly local villagers under the guiding eye of a skilled chef, you’ll prepare a variety of traditional Jordanian dishes. It’s a friendly, fun and enriching way to experience local life and culture. Of course, you’ll sit down with your fellow travelers to enjoy the dishes you’ve helped to prepare! Meals B+L+D


Explore Ancient Petra c

Movenpick - Petra, Jordan

Built thousands of years ago by the Nabataeans and later abandoned, this ancient city was “lost” for centuries until its re-discovery by a Swiss adventurer. Now often referred to as The Lost City of Petra, the only entrance in to this World Heritage Site is through the Siq—a narrow opening that winds its way between 100-foot cliffs. Upon entering Petra with your guide, a breathtaking sight unfolds: an entire city carved into the sides of a deep gorge. Over the next few hours, our narrated tour of Petra includes the famous Treasury and other ancient landmarks like the Roman Theater. After your guided tour, feel free to explore more the Petra at your own pace: Numerous temples, tombs, public spaces and ancient dwellings offer fascinating insight into what life must have been like when this was a thriving city. We’ve included unlimited entry for the day, so you can return to the Mövenpick Hotel to relax or have lunch before returning later in the afternoon to continue exploring at your own pace.

This evening you return to the Sig and visit the Treasury by candlelight and is sure to be one of the most memorable moments of this journey through the Middle East. Meals B


Wadi Rum + Back to Amman

W Hotel - Amman, Jordan

Immortalized in the epic 1962 film Lawrence of Arabia, the breathtaking landscapes of Wadi Rum c are among the most captivating in the Middle East. Venturing forth in comfortable 4-wheel drive vehicles with our expert drivers, you’ll explore this forbiddingly remote region where rugged mountains of sandstone and granite rise sheer sided from the desert floor to reach spectacular heights of 4,000 feet and more. Stopping at the entrance to Khazali Canyon, you’ll enjoy a guided 20-minute hike into the canyon to admire its stunning rock formations and to see ancient Nabataean inscriptions and drawings. Then join a local family for a traditional Bedouin lunch before returning to Amman for another night at the W Hotel. Meals B+L


Depart Amman

After breakfast, you’ll be escorted to the airport for your homeward flight. Meals B

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Prices are per person, land only. We offer air on Egypt Air or Emirates. Add extra nights. A visa for Egypt is required for U.S. citizens and is available upon arrival.


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