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Your New Year's Resolution: Get into Training

Delight in the Thrilling Pace of China By High Speed RailSeasoned travelers concur: nothing quite compares to a journey by rail.  In Russia, home to the world’s longest railway line, a popular saying goes, “if you want to get there fast, travel by plane; if you want to get there on time, go by rail.” 

To this we add: if you want to get there in comfort and style, then rail is hard to beat!  From the glamor and grandeur of Old World stations in Europe and Russia to the breathtaking pace of China’s high-speed rail network, rail travel is as compelling today as it was a hundred and fifty years ago.  Alexander + Roberts offers carefully-curated, unforgettable journeys by rail to some of the world’s most appealing destinations.

Delight in the Thrilling Pace of China By High Speed Rail

China boasts the world’s most extensive high-speed railway network with over 12,000 miles of track, including Beijing-Guangzhou - the world’s longest high-speed line.  With speeds of up to 268 miles per hour, China’s trains are the fastest in the world, making trips between its major cities easier than ever.  

The energy of China’s high-speed rail is echoed in the country’s dynamic commercial capital, Shanghai, while the sheer scale of the China’s railway innovation reminds us that her rulers have always thought big, as they did in creating the army of terra-cotta warriors in Xian, the country’s ancient capital; or in their innovative development the lucrative silk industry in Hangzhou.  Traveling on to China’s capital, Beijing by high-speed rail is the latest iteration of travel along the centuries-old path of the Silk Road, by which armies, scholars, merchants, and tourists moved between east and west.  

Enjoy the Old World Glamor of Grand Capital of Eastern Europe by Rail

Eastern Europe is a complex tapestry of different cultures, languages, and cuisines.  The region’s stunning topography and landscapes are best enjoyed by the network of railway lines linking major cities such as Berlin, Budapest, Prague, Krakow, and Warsaw.  Sit back, relax, and soak up the splendor and history of Eastern Europe’s culinary and cultural highlights on this memorable rail journey.

Experience the Elegance of Southern Africa In-Style with Rovos Rail

Harken back to the golden days of rail travel on an unforgettable journey through southern Africa on Rovos Rail, the “time machine on tracks.”  This private railway would please even finicky Hercule Poirot with its plush interior, formal dining, and sumptuous overnight accommodations.  A romantic and glamorous journey awaits through Zambia, Botswana, and Zambia including incomparable highlights such as Victoria Falls, Kruger National Park, and the Kalahari Desert: the ideal itinerary for a romantic get-away, family trip, or the perfect way to celebrate a major milestone such as an anniversary.  

A Tale of Two Cities with Classic London + Paris by Rail

A tunnel under the English Channel to link London and Paris was a dream for two hundred years - now you can craft your own “tale of two cities” via the comfortable and convenient Eurostar train and the “Chunnel.”  Fashion your own itinerary in legendary London - mindful that, as Samuel Johnson said, “When one is tired of London, one is tired of life!”  After three delightful days in the English capital, hop on the Eurostar for the quick and comfortable journey to unforgettable Paris: the city of lights. 

Travel Russia’s Romantic Rails and Discover Moscow + St. Petersburg

Russia’s twin cities Moscow and St. Petersburg are connected by an almost straight line of rail track with one bump in it, which is where Tsar Nicholas I’s finger got in the way as he drew a straight line with a ruler between the two: legend says that he did so in a fit of exasperated pique because his ministers could not agree on the exact route.  

In Nicholas I’s time, the journey took a minimum of 12 hours, but today, Russia’s high speed “Falcon” trains whisk you between the twin capitals in just under four hours.  You might spend the time reading a chapter of two of Anna Karenina (who also made the journey a few times) or just enjoying the scenery outside the window as you pass wooden cottages and birch forests: a magical and historic journey redolent of old Russia awaits along this historic rail line.

Alexander + Roberts offer a range of escorted and independent travel via the world’s greatest rail, river, sea, and air routes.  Contact our knowledgeable reservations staff to discuss your travel plans for 2016 and beyond!

Posted: 1/5/2016 10:34:43 AM by Alexander + Roberts